Attack on Israel by Hamas is “sheer evil” Biden

    On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden denounced the brutal attacks on Israel that the violent Hamas group carried out over the weekend.

    Biden firmly stated that “we stand with Israel” and described the bombing as a “act of sheer evil.” AFP notes

    Speaking at the White House alongside Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Vice President Kamala Harris, the president said that the Israeli people had suffered from “pure, unadulterated evil” at the “bloody hands” of Hamas, an organization that the United States has long labeled as a terrorist organization.

    He declared, “This was an act of pure evil.”

    He said that over 900 individuals had been killed in Israel, at least 14 of whom were Americans, and that American nationals were also among those being detained by Hamas, the organization in charge of the Gaza Strip.

    Although he was unable to identify the exact number of American citizens held captive, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated that at least 20 Americans remain missing.

    “We’ll work hour by hour to ascertain the precise number of Americans being kept captive as well as whether we can account for any of those Americans. As of as now, we have no idea how many hostages we have,” Sullivan stated.

    “In this moment, we must be crystal clear: We stand with Israel,” stressed Biden. We support Israel.

    Attack on Israel

    Mr. Biden continued, “And we will ensure that Israel has everything it needs to care for its citizens, to defend itself, and to respond to this attack.” “There is no excuse for acts of terrorism. There’s not a defense.

    Comparing Hamas’ attack on Israel to the Islamic State’s “worst rampages,” Biden slammed the group’s “brutality” and “bloodthirstiness.”

    “It’s terrorism,” he declared.

    The president made these comments in response to Hamas, the militant Palestinian organization that controls the Gaza Strip, launching an unexpected attack on Israel early on Saturday morning that, according to the Israel Defense Forces, resulted in at least 900 fatalities and almost 2,700 injuries. Dozens of people are reportedly being kept captive by the gang, according to Israeli officials.

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    According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, there have been at least 900 deaths in Hamas-run Gaza, and this number is likely to climb as long as Israel carries out attacks throughout the Gaza Strip. There are 4,500 more injuries.

    Since the terrorist incident, Biden has stated time and time again that the United States will “stand united, supporting the people of Israel who are suffering unspeakable losses and opposing the hatred and violence of terrorism.” He reinforced this sentiment in his most recent statements.

    “Israel has the right, in fact, the duty, to respond to these vicious attacks, just like every other nation in the world,” he declared.

    In observance of “the ironclad support and solidarity of the American people with the people of Israel in the wake of the barbaric terrorist attacks committed by Hamas,” the White House was lighted in the Israeli flag’s colors of blue and white on Monday night.

    In a joint statement, the presidents of France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom denounced Hamas and “its appalling acts of terrorism.”

    The leaders declared on Monday that “our countries will support Israel in its efforts to defend itself and its people against such atrocities.” “We also stress that this is not the time for any anti-Israel group to take advantage of these attacks in order to further their own agenda.”

    “We all support equal measures of justice and freedom for Israelis and Palestinians alike, and we recognize the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people,” they continued. But let there be no doubt: Hamas only provides greater violence and carnage to the Palestinian people; it does not reflect their goals.

    Biden met with his national security staff to get an update on the state of affairs in Israel before to making his remarks. According to the White House, he and Harris also discussed US support for Israel with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated on Sunday that additional weapons and other resources, including ammunition, have already been sent to the Israeli military by the United States. In an effort to bolster regional deterrence operations, he also gave the order for a carrier strike group to relocate to the Eastern Mediterranean.

    U.S. authorities have stated that artillery rounds and small diameter bombs are among the armaments being provided to Israel.

    Apart from providing Israel with increased military support, such as ammunition and interceptors to restock the Iron Dome, Biden announced that his administration has instructed the sharing of intelligence with the Israelis and dispatched government specialists to provide guidance and advice on the release of hostages.

    In addition, the president declared that he will urge Congress to take “urgent action” in order to finance the national security needs of American allies. Following the historic expulsion of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday, the House has been in break. The Senate will reconvene in Washington next week.

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