13 facts about Eden Hazard you should know

    Eden Hazard, a former player for Chelsea and Real Madrid, declared his retirement from professional football at the age of thirty-two.

    After 16 years of playing football, the former captain of Belgium declared on Tuesday that he is retiring from the professional ranks. The announcement was made via an Instagram post.

    Eden Hazard

    “You must listen to yourself and say stop at the right time,” the author added.

    “After sixteen years and almost seven hundred games, I have made the decision to retire from the professional game of football. I was able to fulfill my ambition and play on numerous pitches all over the world.

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    Naijaecho evaluates 13 points to be aware of with the 32-year-old Belgian icon of Chelsea;

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    1. On January 7, 1991, Eden Hazard was born in La Louvière, Belgium.
    2. His father, Thierry, played football, as did his mother, Carine. His father played mainly as a defensive midfielder in the Belgian Second Division for La Louvière for the most of his semi-professional career.
    3. When Hazard joined his hometown team, Royal Stade Brainois, at the age of four, he started playing football. Before joining AFC Tubize, he worked for the club for eight years. Lille welcomed him in 2005.
    4. Thorgan Hazard (RSC Anderlecht), Kylian Hazard (RWD Molenbeek), and Ethan Hazard (R Union Tubize-Braine U21) are the brothers of Eden Hazard.
    5. On July 1, 2012, Hazard moved from Lille to Chelsea, where he played for seven years. On July 1st, 2019, he moved on to join Real Madrid. In 2015, he was named Belgium’s captain, and in 2022, he announced his retirement from the team.
    6. Hazard appeared in 123 games for Belgium, tallying 33 goals and 36 assists.
    7. Hazard played in 352 games for Chelsea, tallying 110 goals and dishing out 92 assists.
    8. Hazard participated in 194 games for Lille, tallying 50 goals and dishing out 53 assists.
    9. Hazard played 72 games for Real Madrid, contributing 11 assists and 7 goals.
    10. Footballer of the Year (England, 2015) went to Hazard.
    11. He was twice named Player of the Year (Lille and Chelsea).
    12. Hazard has triumphed in both the FIFA Club World Cup (2023 Real Madrid) and the Champions League (21/22 Real Madrid). Additionally, he has won two Europa League titles (2013, 2019 Chelsea).
    13. .. Throughout the three divisions he played in, he has won five league titles in total: two in English, in 2017 and 2015 Chelsea FC; two in Spanish, in 21/22 Real Madrid & 19/20 Real Madrid; and one in French, in 10/11 LOSC Lille.
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    eden hazard

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