11 independent electricity distribution network providers have received new licenses

    One of the 17 Independent Electricity Distribution Network companies that the federal government granted licenses to this week is already up and running.

    The Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (NERC’s) 2022 Market Competition Report, which was made available to the public on Tuesday, contained this admission from the Federal Government (FG), according to The PUNCH.

    The report, which The PUNCH was permitted access to, states, in part:

    Of the 17 Independent Electricity Distribution Network providers that the commission has licensed, 11 are now in service.

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    The eleven operators are:

    1. Gateway Electricity Limited

    2. Energy Company of Nigeria Plc

    3. PIPP LVI Disco Limited

    4. Bodituv Nigeria Limited

    5. Uraga Power Distribution Company

    6. Ariaria Independent Energy Distribution Network Ltd

    7. Ladol Integrated Logistics Free Zone Enterprise

    8. Babcock Consulting Limited

    9. Constant Independent Electric Power Distribution Company Ltd

    10. Alausa Distribution Limited

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