Federal Government to resume dredging of River Niger and River Benue..

    Professor Joseph Utsev, the Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, revealed that the Federal Government is in the process of resuming the dredging of the rivers Niger and Benue. He mentioned that committees have been set in motion within his ministry to formulate the necessary modalities for this dredging initiative.

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    Addressing journalists in Ilorin, Kwara State, during the sidelines of a youth empowerment scheme and distribution event organized by the Lower Niger River Basin Authority, Prof. Utsev stated, “Dredging of the rivers Niger and Benue is what we are working on. We have put some committees in place.”

    He explained that these committees will evaluate the feasibility of the dredging, and subsequent discussions with President Bola Tinubu will follow. Prof. Utsev emphasized that once this process is complete, the ministry will provide comprehensive updates to the public on the progress of dredging the two rivers.

    Furthermore, he underscored his ministry’s commitment to ensuring the provision of potable water, sanitation, and irrigation for the benefit of Nigerians. Prof. Utsev highlighted the significance of dredging both rivers, noting that it would contribute to water for irrigation, promote food security, generate income, and empower the populace.

    In emphasizing the importance of water, he stated, “Water is not only important; it is very necessary for the existence of living organisms. Without water, there will be no life.” He also connected these efforts to President Tinubu’s Renewed Hope agenda, which prioritizes food security, economic revival, healthcare, and security. The ministry is diligently working towards providing potable water for drinking, sanitation, and irrigation to align with these objectives.

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