198 Gazans and 40 Israelis have died in the Israeli-Palestinian War since a major attack

    The officials reported that the strikes had injured at least 1,610 persons.”Operation Sword of Iron” was initiated by Israel in response to the incursion by Hamas, which began with multiple missile assaults early on Saturday morning. Gazans

    The health minister had previously declared an emergency in all of Gaza’s hospitals.

    In reaction for the intrusion today, Israel launched attacks as part of “Operation Sword of Iron” against 20 targets in Gaza that it asserted were managed by Hamas.

    However, according to Israeli media, the Hamas incursion has caused at least 40 Israeli deaths and 740 more injuries.

    However, according to Israel’s N12 news channel, there hasn’t yet been any formal confirmation.

    According to the most recent official numbers, 22 Israelis have perished and 545 more have been injured.

    According to the Israeli news channel N12, Hamas terrorists are now holding about 50 Israeli hostages.

    The Be’eri kibbutz was cited as holding the hostages.

    Israeli-Palestinian War

    The kibbutz is located near to the eastern border of the Gaza Strip in the northwestern Negev desert of southern Israel.

    Israel’s foreign ministry also asserted that fighters from Hamas were killing civilians by going door to door.

    According to a statement from the ministry, “Armed Hamas terrorists penetrated Israeli towns earlier this morning and started murdering defenseless Israelis house to home.

    We are unable to even disclose any of the images because they are so awful.

    “We will protect our citizens and pursue those responsible for their harm using every legal tool at our disposal.”

    Israeli media is claiming that some “civilian hostages” are being taken to Gaza while claiming that others have been killed in street shootings, though these claims are presently unsubstantiated.

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    Israeli-Palestinian War

    Early in the day, the Palestinian state issued a statement calling for an end to “Israeli occupation of the land and the State of Palestine.”

    According to the statement, “We have consistently warned against the detrimental implications of restricting the political horizon.

    It was further alleged that everyday provocations and raids took place at the holy location of Al Asqa.

    It said, “Ending the Israeli occupation will bring about security, stability, and peace in our region.

    According to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Washington is making sure Israel “has what it needs” to defend itself.

    In a statement, Austin said: “Over the next few days, the Department of Defense will work to make sure that Israel has what it needs to defend itself and protect civilians from indiscriminate violence and terrorism.”

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