Your entire life, Things Keep Their True Purpose a Secret.

    1. F and J Keys

    why does the f and j keys have bumps on a keyboard
    #f and j keys

    We’ve all been trained and tested at the art of typing and know the correct way to use a keyboard. But you may not have noticed that the F and J Keys have a small ridge at thebottom. They’re there to help you find your correct starting place with your fingers on the keyboard without having to look down.

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    2. Cosmetic containers

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    Cosmetics containers that are filled with products used for your skin have a secret number on them. This is to help inform you how long the product will be usable, ensuring it doesn’t cause the reverse effect by damaging your skin instead.

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    3. Pen lids

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    Pen lids have a hole at the end of them. It’s not there to help your pen breathe and boost performance, but it’s there to help you breathe just in case. While you’re sitting in class or at work and you’re chewing on your lid and just happen to swallow it. You can be rest assured if it’s stuck. The pen makers were thinking of you.

    4. Favorite pop from a straw


    when you’re traveling by car or any other form of ground transportation and you’re trying to drink your favorite pop from a straw. You’ll find it quite difficult to do at times. Simply turn the tab on the can around so that your straw easily fits inside, making it easier to drink out of.

    5. Spare button

    diy sewing cover buttons 1

    There are always spare buttons when buying new clothes along with a little bit of fabric. It’s far too small to repair that crutch part that always rips first. The fabric is actually there for you to test how to wash it so you don’t accidentally ruin your brand new clothes.

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    6. How much pasta

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    Determining how much pasta you need just for yourself can be difficult to figure out. Your big spaghetti spoon with the big hole on the inside that looks like it’s there to drain. Water is actually there so you can put the uncooked pasta inside before cooking so you know exactly how much you need.

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    7. New shoes with silica

    silica gel shoes grande

    New shoes always come with those strange little packets that silica gel. The gels are there to reduce the moisture in the air to avoid any fungal growth while the shoes were waiting to be purchased. There’s a lot of chemistry involved to get you that silica, and it’s very effective, capable of absorbing 50% of the humidity. So make sure you don’t throw it away next time. You need to dry out your electrical devices. It’s a lot easier than using rice.

    8.Tab on Rear View Mirror

    cruising at 75 mph in a red convertible sports car royalty free image 1607541766

    It’s difficult enough to see at night whilst driving, but it’s even worse when the driver behind you shines their high beams. Your rearview mirror has a tab at the bottom. When you press it, it changes the angle. One is for day driving the other. Well, for nighttime it’ll help in case that one person driving behind you has forgotten to turn off their high beams.


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    Although your screwdriver is ergonomically made for your hand, sometimes you have that one screw that’s too hard to loosen up. The handle is also shaped so you can easily fit inside of a ring, spanner or wrench, allowing you to apply more force, ensuring that you can remove that troublesome screw.

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    10. The little hole next to an iPhone camera.

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    It is not a flash. Many people ignore it, but this tiny dot serves a crucial purpose. It’s one of the iPhone’s three microphones. This microphone catches up all sounds around you regardless of how you hold your device. Furthermore, it aids with voice recognition.

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