Whether it’s something as simple as a button on your jeans or something that’s part of a larger moving mechanism. Here are 26 secrets to everyday things you probably didn’t know about.

    1. Doorknobs


    You use doorknobs every day. So it’s right to be concerned about how many germs could be on them. However, they have made doorknobs out of brass, partly for that reason. Brass provides an antimicrobial effect, eliminating the micro-organisms that were hoping to start a colony on your doorknob.

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    2. One fifth pocket

    Fifth pocket
    #coin pocket

    Your pants have that one fifth pocket that’s recognized as the small, useless one. Originally it was there to provide a safe place for your pocket watch, something that was necessary when first implemented in 1901. It then continued to remain for traditional purposes. However, it’s still a great place to put your Tic-Tacs, Ring or even Lighter.

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    3. Rivet


    You’ve probably mistaken those little rivets on your jeans as some form of fashion statement similar to the small pocket. In fact, they’re incredibly important. They are there to provide extra support for areas that withstand the most strenuous parts of your clothing, preventing them from embarrassingly falling apart.

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    4. Seat belt button

    Bottone cintura

    That little button at the end of your seatbelt, Seems like it’s way out of place. In fact, it’s there to ensure your buckle will always remain at the end so you won’t have to awkwardly fiddle with your seatbelt every time you put it on.

    5. Gas Indicator

    #fuel Indicator

    You’re in a new car or a rental, and the gauge tells you the gas is getting low. You don’t know which side the fuel cap is on from the inside. It can cause unnecessary effort at the gas station. However, your fuel gauge has an arrow or a gas tank hose that reminds you which side to fill your gas tank up from. Some models of cars may also have a gas tank hose instead of an arrow with the hose pictured on the side that the cap is on.

    6. Hiking footwear

    newHiking 2
    #Hiking footwear

    Hiking and walking through snow requires the best kind of footwear. The shoes, which are perfect for this, also have an extra eyelet for your lace to loop through. Looping your laces through the extra eyelets will give more support for your ankles and feet and will provide more stability as you walk.

    7. Blisters


    But as you walk, blisters are also a concern. The sweat in your shoe creates friction between the feet and the shoe, which then helps create the blisters. Antiperspirant that you use for your armpits will help keep the feet from sweating. Just make sure you use the clear one.

    8. Padlock

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    Ever wondered how long that padlock could possibly last when it’s outside in the rainy weather? Keeping your things safe. It has a little hole at the bottom of it. It’s there to drain water to avoid corrosion on the inside. It also serves to provide oil further prolonging its use.

    9. Wooden hangers


    The purpose of wooden coat hangers is to help repel pesky insects and avoid fungal growth that eats away at your clothing as it’s made of cedar wood. It contains oils that have insecticidal and fungicidal properties and were used as far back as the ancient Egyptians, although they used it for other purposes.

    10. Window seat


    If you’ve been lucky enough to get the window seat on the plane, you would have noticed that little hole at the bottom of the window. It helps with the air pressure on the plane. The window itself is made from acrylic and isn’t actually glass, which saves it from fogging up. So you can see the scenery on your journey. The windows on planes were originally square, however, they would continuously break from the constant changes in pressure. Round windows are able to evenly distribute the pressure, ensuring you’ll have a pleasant journey without falling out

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