In a recent video where he claimed responsibility for the downing of a Nigerian Air Force Mi-171 helicopter, Dogo Gide made a chilling assertion that his heinous action was the result of divine will, stating, “This is Allah’s work, not ours.” In a haunting display, he beseeched Nigerians to seek repentance for their own safety, all while his cohorts chanted fervent “Allahu Akbar” chants.


    Dogo Gide, an infamous figure notorious for orchestrating acts of terror in the northwest region, has persisted for over three years in proclaiming his affiliation with al-Qaida. His primary objective is to impose a twisted interpretation of Sharia law, a mission that has seen him commit acts of unspeakable horror, including murder, abduction, sexual assault, and theft, all with an astonishing lack of consequence.

    Strikingly, despite a plethora of compelling evidence, politicians in Zamfara and Katsina, as well as the federal government led by President Buhari, have consistently labeled Gide as a mere component of a “local” criminal gang. This perception has been stubbornly upheld by numerous researchers, leading to an unfortunate ambivalence that greatly underestimates the severe threat that Gide poses.

    Eerily reminiscent of the infamous Abubakar Shekau, Dogo Gide is swiftly emerging as a counterpart to his malevolent legacy. The parallels between their ideologies, messaging, and behavior are undeniable, and Gide appears to be a budget version of the notorious Shekau.

    With an expanding pool of militants and access to more resources, Gide has the frightening potential to replicate the havoc wreaked by Shekau in the northeast, but this time in the northwest and northcentral regions of Nigeria. It is imperative that the federal government exerts its utmost efforts to apprehend and neutralize Dogo Gide before he escalates into a full-fledged Shekau-like figure, solidifying his dangerous influence and perpetuating a cycle of terror and devastation.

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