Wike on Thursday orders local surveillance after 30 murdered and 19 missing In the Bwari Area Council nation’s capital, Abuja.

    This happened after it became known that a landslide in the Kuje Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory FCT a few days earlier claimed the lives of about 30 people. The avalanche was brought on by unlicensed miners.

    At the first meeting between the six Area Council Chairmen and the FCT minister, Nyesom Wike, on Thursday, information about the happenings came to light.

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    The minister, who was irate at the latest developments, announced that he would call the FCT Director of State Services and the Commissioner of Police to a meeting in order to provide them with adequate information on the kidnapping and to support rescue efforts.

    Wike said he will meet with his colleague in Solid Minerals, Dele Alake, to discuss ending illegal mining in the FCT while also requesting the council chiefs to establish surveillance taskforce in respective regions to monitor mining activities.

    Speaking about the difficulties facing the councils, the chairman of the Kwali Area Council, Danladi Chiya, pleaded with the minister and the Minister of Stare, Dr. Mariya Mahmoud, to assist them.

    He said, “When we heard about your appointment, we were pleased because you have served as the chairman of the council and can therefore relate to our difficulties.The local government system’s underfunding is one of our problems.

    Nyesom wike

    “Across the six Area Councils, security is a huge challenge for us. Around 19 persons were kidnapped in Bwari Area Council just today (Thursday). My council just received five people who had been held captive for roughly six days. “The construction of satellite towns comes next. One of the biggest problems we have is the issue of sanitation.

    Additionally, there is no reliable transportation system. Buses used for the Abuja Urban Mass Transit are no longer in service.

    “The allotment of land is another matter. Your backyard will be given to someone you don’t even know if you sit on your council. We are requesting that we be included in the land distribution process for your cemeteries and places of worship.

    The local governments are in charge of overseeing teachers in elementary schools. The council, which according to legislation is intended to be a 60-40 split, is responsible for paying the wages of the UBE. We are begging you to assist us so that this matter can be investigated.

    Abdullahi Sabo, the chairman of the Kuje Area Council, bemoaned the danger posed by unlicensed miners.

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