How 14 people were killed and 31 kidnapped in Southern Kaduna – SOKAPU

    Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State has received a Save Our Souls (SOS) letter from the women’s section of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), begging him to take action over the deteriorating security conditions in the region.
    In a statement, SOKAPU recalled the destruction caused by bandit herdsmen on October 2, 2021, and October 7, 2023, which resulted in the deaths of 14 people and the kidnapping of 31 others, as well as the theft of food and livestock, the burning down of villages, and the displacement of a large number of people.

    “Southern Kaduna is made up of the eight Local Government Areas of Kaduna South Senatorial Zone, plus Lere LGA in Kaduna North Senatorial Zone including Kajuru and Chikun LGAs in Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone,” stated Mrs. Jemutu Katarma, the SOKAPU National Women Coordinator, among other things in the statement. Only roughly three of these 12 LGAs in Southern Kaduna have not seen crimes and violence from armed groups, particularly from bandits and armed herders, resulting in thousands of deaths, hundreds of house fires, and thousands of kidnappings.

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    Many of our communities have been overrun by bandits, and hundreds of them have been looted. Every quarter of a year, even the state’s most recent administration reported these crimes to the media. Thousands of women and children, in particular, are among our people who are internally displaced. Typically, women and children bear the brunt of these displacements.

    It is accurate to say that the previous administration did not act with much kindness or desire to help us address the injustices that have befallen our people. We definitely did not receive a good price. We believe that Kachia, Kajuru, and Chikun are the most severely affected LGAs in Southern Kaduna among the 12 LGAs. Additionally, women and kids are been killed.

    In particular, we would want to alert Governor Uba Sani to a horrific event that occurred in Kachuwe, near Sarkin Pawa, Niger State, on October 2, 2021. Following multiple bandit incursions into their communities in Chikun, they made the decision to relocate to Kachuwe, where they believed it would be safer to begin farming again.

    Sadly, on October 2, 2021, armed bandits raided the village, killing 13 adult males and a little girl. Baba Barda Kariya, a grandfather, was one of the dead. The remaining Nariyas are John Nariya, Haruna Nariya, Markus Nariya, Zakariya Nariya, and Ali Nariya. The others are Victor Markus, Timothy John, Amos Zakariya, Habila Zakariya, Iko Ali, Vincent Ali, Smalis Markus, and juli the only women that has been killed.

    “They stole food and livestock from the village after they committed the crime.

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    The village was then set on fire by them. The elderly women and ailing men were spared. The next group of girls and boys were taken away. Kauna Ali, 22, and Grace Ali, 25, years old. Murna Ali (eighteen) Tera Ali (age three), Rahila Shagari (age eighteen), Sunday Zakaria (age seventeen), Leonard Zakaria (age ten), Lucy Zakaria (age eleven), Blessing Zakaria (age thirteen), Charles Haruna (age ten), Tina Amos (age twenty-seven), Desire Amos (age seven), Success Amos (age three), and Yemi Benjamin (age twenty-seven)

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    “Kauna Ali became extremely ill due to the bandits’ actions last year.” She died without access to medical care. Through a phone call from the bandits’ phone, one of the abducted females informed us of the tragic news. As of right now, nobody knows where the corpse is.

    It’s also crucial to remember that Yemi Benjamin was only married when she became pregnant with her first child.

    Following their abduction, the robbers requested a ransom. Later on though, they declined to accept the ransom. Yemi Benjamin gave birth in the forest a month later. They gave her a phone so she could call her in-laws and let them know she had a baby girl.

    Additionally take note of the fact that among those kidnapped and still with the robbers were boys ages three and ten. We haven’t heard from them in the past twelve months. On October 2, 2023, two years had passed since they were taken by their captors. The experience for these captives’ relatives is dreadful.

    Once more, on October 7, 2023, robbers broke into Maikudi farms in Chikuri village, Chikun LGA, where locals were laboring on sections of the property they had rented from the owner. After attacking the property, robbers took 14 women and a boy hostage. Among the women are Linda Dogara, age 20, and her 54-year-old mother, Mrs. Lydia Dogara.

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    “Therefore, we can confirm that at least 27 women, girls, and four boys, who are Kaduna state citizens, are in the hands of kidnappers from Chikun Local Government Area; one of them has already passed away.” But there are a small number of additional people across the state who might be experiencing the same destiny.

    In order to ensure that these women and children are returned home, we are fervently pleading with the Kaduna State government, led by Senator Uba Sani, to investigate the excellent working relationship he enjoys with the Chief of Defense Staff, Gen. Christopher Musa, and other security chiefs. or at the very least tell us what became of them.

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