Tinubu vows a better future under his skillful leadership In Aso Rock Villa, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has stated that his goal is to mold Nigeria’s destiny.

    He explained to the Nigerian community in India that he ran for president to address the problems with public sector management and leadership.

    He asserts that once the leadership problem is resolved, Nigeria has the expertise and resources necessary to be counted among the developed countries.

    The President stated that despite having abundant natural and human resources, Nigeria had been prevented from realizing its potential. He was speaking in New Delhi, the capital of India, at a gathering of Nigerians living abroad in the Asian nation.

    The President explained that he had come to share with his audience, who had traveled from all areas of India, his vision for a better future for Nigeria.

    To advance wealth and national development for the benefit of all citizens, the President urged Nigerians to take use of the nation’s vast variety. He underlined the need to use our variety to foster innovation, economic prosperity, and social advancement.

    We’re here to show you a new future, he said. A nation with such a wealthy, resource-rich, and populous future. Very lively, distinct in its race, culture, and traditions. If we can only use our diversity for success, that is what will make our wealth feasible.

    Bola tinubu
    Bola tinubu

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    “Our expertise is not lacking. The human resources we have are not few. We simply lack effective administration and leadership, which is why I ran for president: to enable us all to guide the nation’s spirit in the correct direction.

    The President said, “With dedication, honesty, determination, and a change of mindset, they can reach the top in their respective careers.” He was speaking after reflecting on the course of his life, which had prepared him for leadership.

    He was speaking to the audience, which included several Nigerian students who were studying in India.

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    presidential villa

    “Good education brought me here, and I’m happy to stand before you here as the President of Nigeria,” the President remarked. I began modestly. I manned a security post. I was a school tutor. I excelled in school. Because of my schooling, I was trained by one of the largest accounting firms in the world when I joined Deloitte.

    ‘We have a lot of clients that will take you, if you want to go home,’ they answered when I first asked if they had any branches in Nigeria. Due to my can-do attitude, I entered politics after working extremely successfully as an auditor-general, treasurer, and accountant at Exxon Mobil.

    “You may succeed as well; don’t give up in any manner. Nigeria is prepared to accept everyone. It makes no difference where in Nigeria you are from.

    One of the four Ds in the President’s foreign policy initiative, according to Foreign Affairs Minister Ambassador Yusuf Tuggar, is Diaspora, which aims to raise the standard of services provided to Nigerians living abroad by Nigerian embassies.

    “The problem of passport delays will be a thing of the past,” he declared. The time it takes for your passports to be ready won’t be endless. Second, you serve as Nigerians’ first point of contact with foreign nations.

    “We are limited by the potential of our people. Therefore, it is crucial that you continuously portray Nigeria in a positive light both online and offline.

    According to Mr. Tony Elumelu, chairman of the United Bank for Africa, Nigeria continues to be the top choice for investors.

    The entrepreneur and founder of the Heirs Foundation asserted that betting on Nigerians is among the best bets one can possibly make, citing the accomplishments of Nigerians around the world as evidence.

    “The potential of our people is what keeps us in check. You must therefore constantly present Nigeria in a favorable light, both online and offline.

    Tony Elumelu, the chairman of the United Bank for Africa, claims that investors continue to choose Nigeria above all other countries.

    Nigerians are among the best bets one can possibly make, according to the businessman and founder of the Heirs Foundation, who cited the successes of Nigerians around the world as support.

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