Tinubu: Nigeria Will Become Key Player In G-20 Countries, Build New World” At the 18th G-20 Leaders’ Summit, the president gave a speech to the assembled world leaders.

    According to a statement issued by Tinubu’s spokesperson, Ajuri Ngelale, “Nigeria is poised, able and willing to be a major player in this family of the G-20 and in shaping a new world, without whom the family will remain incomplete.”

    According to him, by doing this, “we will be constructing a society anchored on the strong values of tolerance and mutual respect, where diplomacy, dialogue, and cooperation take precedence over competition, conflict, and divisions, which are based on rigid ideologies and belief systems.”

    He emphasized the significance of addressing issues with technology, the transition to renewable energy, and loan availability, as well as the widening socioeconomic gap between those who have and those who do not.

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    The president called for stronger international cooperation and charged developed nations with assisting underdeveloped areas in the Global South and advancing climate justice.

    As the largest market, economy, and democracy in Africa, President Tinubu reaffirmed Nigeria’s commitment to playing a significant role within the G-20 and helping to create a more fair world.

    He urged world cooperation and unification in order to address urgent issues, promote inclusivity, and create a more just international system.

    The president emphasized that the majority of today’s urgent concerns are “international in character and cannot be addressed without multilateral cooperation,” even as he acknowledged the G-20’s crucial contribution to creating a rules-based global system that fosters shared prosperity and security.

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    Bola Tinubu

    “Therefore, paths to a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable future for our planet lie in deeper collaboration, cooperation, and partnerships among varied regions.

    “For this reason, the G-20’s significance and contributions in establishing a just and rule-based global order cannot be overstated. It is impossible to have shared prosperity in a world where most people have unequal access to fundamental social services and massive financial disparities separate us from living as a single family.

    “I hasten to add that any global governance structures and rules of our collective aspirations must be cooperatively created, owned, and administered. The fundamental principles of One Family, respect for others, and sustainable development are all supported by this.

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