TapSwap Extends Pool Launch to 1st July: What You Need to Know : Attention TapSwap enthusiasts! Get ready to keep on tapping, because there’s good news! TapSwap has officially extended their pool launch, meaning you have more time to jump in and start earning those sweet $TAP tokens. Originally scheduled to launch on 30th May,2024, the pool launch date has now shifted to July 1st, 2024.


    What is the TapSwap Pool?

    The TapSwap pool is a highly anticipated feature that will revolutionize the way users interact with the platform. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

    • Earn Rewards: The pool will allow users to stake their $TAP tokens and earn passive rewards. This incentivizes holding $TAP and contributes to a more robust TapSwap ecosystem.
    • Increased Liquidity: By encouraging users to lock their tokens, the pool will increase liquidity within the TapSwap platform, facilitating smoother and faster transactions.
    • Sustainability and Growth: The pool launch signifies TapSwap’s commitment to long-term sustainability and growth. It’s a step towards building a robust decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

    TapSwap Extends Pool Launch to 1st July

    Why the Extension?

    TapSwap has identified several reasons for extending the pool launch, with the primary issue being the discovery of numerous bots that were accumulating an unrealistic amount of shares.

    TapSwap’s development team identified a significant issue with bots exploiting the platform to earn disproportionate shares. This not only undermines the fairness of the pool but also threatens the integrity of the entire system. Addressing this problem is critical to ensuring a level playing field for all users and maintaining trust in the platform.

    Other reasons are:

    • Fine-Tuning Functionality: The additional time allows TapSwap to ensure the pool functions flawlessly and delivers the best possible user experience.
    • Community Feedback: TapSwap might be incorporating valuable feedback from the community to further optimize the pool’s functionalities.
    • Strategic Planning: The extension could be part of a larger strategic plan by TapSwap to ensure a successful pool launch with maximum user participation.

    More Time to Prepare: What You Can Do

    While you wait for the official July 1st launch, here are a few things you can do to prepare:

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    • Do Your Research: Familiarize yourself with how staking works and the potential benefits it offers.
    • Accumulate $TAP Tokens: If you haven’t already, consider acquiring $TAP tokens through TapSwap’s current “tap-to-earn” mining feature or other cryptocurrency exchanges.
    • Join the Community: Stay updated on the latest developments by following TapSwap’s official channels (website, social media platforms, Telegram group).

    The Future of TapSwap: Beyond the Pool

    The pool launch is a significant step forward for TapSwap, but it’s not the end goal. We can expect to see continued innovation from the project, potentially including:

     TapSwap Extends
    • New Features: The introduction of additional features like lending, borrowing, and decentralized asset management could further solidify TapSwap’s position in the DeFi space.
    • Governance Mechanisms: As the TapSwap ecosystem grows, the potential for user-driven governance mechanisms might emerge, allowing token holders to participate in shaping the platform’s future.
    • Integration with Other Blockchains: With the recent announcement of leaving Solana behind, it will be interesting to see which blockchain TapSwap chooses and how they integrate it to enhance their platform’s capabilities.

    Preparing for the New Launch Date

    As we approach the new launch date, here are some steps you can take to prepare:

    1. Stay Updated: Follow TapSwap on social media and join the official Telegram group for the latest updates and announcements.
    2. Review Security Practices: Ensure your accounts are secure by using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and following other best practices for digital security.
    3. Engage with the Community: Join discussions on forums and social media to stay informed and share insights with other users.


    TapSwap’s decision to extend the pool launch to 1st July underscores their commitment to providing a fair, secure, and user-friendly platform. By addressing the bot issue and enhancing security measures, TapSwap is setting the stage for a more equitable and reliable DeFi experience. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to participate in the improved TapSwap pools this July.

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