Removal of Subsidy: NLC Ends Warning Strike, Announces Major Progress

    The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) asked its members nationwide to return to work on Wednesday after ending a two-day warning strike.

    NLC President Joe Ajaero expressed his gratitude to Nigerian workers for joining the strike, saying it made tremendous progress.

    Due to the Federal Government’s failure to abide by its commitments over the removal of gasoline subsidies, Labour went on a two-day statewide strike on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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    The Labour Party’s decision halted business and economic activity in a number of Federation states.

    Following a two-day warning strike, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) requested all of its members to report to work on Wednesday.


    Joe Ajaero, the president of the NLC, thanked the workers in Nigeria for joining the strike and noted how far it had come.

    Labour went on a two-day nationwide strike on Tuesday and Wednesday as a result of the Federal Government’s failure to uphold its promises about the elimination of gasoline subsidies.

    Business and economic activity were interrupted in several Federation states as a result of the Labour Party’s decision.

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