Omoyele Sowore, the 2023 presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, is urging Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde and security agencies to address inquiries surrounding the recent Ibadan explosion. According to Sowore, Makinde and the security agencies need to provide answers regarding the suspected illegal miners responsible for the tragic incident. Reports from PUNCH online indicated that Makinde released a statement attributing the explosion to illegal mining activities. However, Sowore, through a series of tweets on his X handle (formerly Twitter), expressed curiosity about the identity of the miners, the nature of their mining activities, and the reasons behind their possession of potent explosives.


    Sowore’s tweets, titled “Queries for Governor Seyi Makinde and Security Agencies Regarding the Ibadan Blast,” questioned the swift conclusion drawn by Governor Makinde within 10 hours of the incident. In developed nations, it typically takes over 48 hours for a detailed government statement after thoroughly investigating such a significant explosion. Sowore raised concerns about the identification of the alleged illegal miners, the nature of their mining activities, and the reasons behind their possession of powerful explosives.

    He emphasized the need to disclose any explosives dealer known to security agencies in a high-end Ibadan neighborhood and questioned whether the government had prior knowledge of such a dealer. Sowore also pressed for the immediate release of information regarding the identity of the miner involved in the incident and the specific minerals being mined in Oyo State.

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    Additionally, Sowore highlighted the procedural aspects of mining and using explosives, pointing out that such explosions typically have triggers and questioned whether the building was deliberately rigged with explosives, seeking clarification on the reasons behind such actions.

    “Is the governor of Oyo State, or the state government, informed about mining activities in the Agodi residential area? Are they aware if the governor or the state is conducting rock blasting in a residential zone?

    “The Department of State Services (DSS) is responsible for approving the use of explosives across Nigeria. What is their official stance on the incident? The public requires an immediate preliminary report from the DSS on this matter.

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    “Tuesday night saw Ibadan residents in a state of panic due to an explosion at Dejo Oyelese Street in the Bodija area. Meanwhile, the National Emergency Management Agency has revealed that over 20 houses were affected in the explosion. As of now, casualty figures remain uncertain, and search and rescue operations are ongoing.”

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