Palliatives: Kano government begins distribution and rejects diversion

    The distribution of 52,000 bags of rice and 52,000 bags of palliative maize to the most needy people in the State’s 44 local government areas was started on Monday by the Kano State Government.

    Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf cautioned the distribution committee members not to take advantage of the food supplies as he signaled the start of the distribution.


    He claimed that the products are especially for a select group of people because committee members, journalists, security personnel, and government employees are not entitled to the palliatives’ benefits.

    He claimed that the palliatives would only serve to lessen the impact of subsidy reduction and significantly lessen the misery that the masses would experience as a result.

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    According to him, the distribution of the commodities to designated vulnerable groups in 484 wards across 44 LGAs in the State is taking place for the second time.
    He claimed that in addition to overseeing the distribution, the committee, which included community and religious leaders among others, was established to make sure that the goods reached the intended groups.

    “Each ward will receive 400 bags of 10 kg free rice and 991,000 bags of maize, Tsangaya and Islamiyya schools and Tory homes, persons with special needs, junior Civil Servants, widows and orphans will benefit,” he stated.

    Kano government

    In addition, he announced that his administration would soon float Kano with Amana Buses and Taxis, which will be provided to youngsters, to carry out monthly empowerment programs for 5,000 women, youth, and people with special needs.

    Dr. Abdullahi Baffa Bichi, the Secretary to the State Government and Chairman of the Palliative Compliance Committee, stated in his remarks that the Governor added 99 trucks of rice to the 50 trucks sent by the Federal Government as well as 72 additional trucks of maize to the 11 trucks sent by the Federal Government for distribution to the poorest of the poor.

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