The Truth Behind the Kano Tribunal Verdict: A Comprehensive Explanation..

    It is crucial to emphasize that courts rely on facts and evidence to arrive at their judgments, rather than intimidation or threats. Many individuals criticized us for supporting the Kano tribunal verdict, branding us as undemocratic and unpatriotic. However, this narrative does not hold true.


    Initially, Abba and the NNPP treated the lawsuit lightly, failing to attend court proceedings or send representatives. It was only later that they recognized the seriousness of the challenge they faced.

    The APC was given the opportunity to present evidence to support their claims. They requested permission from the court to recount all the votes cast in the 2023 Kano Governorship election across all 44 local governments of the state. This recount involved the participation of party officials, INEC officials, and security personnel, including the police, NSCDC officers, and the DSS, as witnesses.

    The recount began, covering about 25 local governments, during which it was alleged that a significant number of invalid votes for the NNPP were discovered. At this point, Kwankwaso ordered NNPP officials to cease attending the vote recount, presumably due to the substantial number of invalid votes.

    Despite the absence of NNPP officials, APC continued the recount in the remaining local governments, with NNPP lawyers in attendance. INEC and security officials also remained as witnesses throughout the process.

    In the end, the APC claimed to have found over 163,000 invalid votes for the NNPP without proper stamps or markings. They presented this evidence, along with witnesses, to the tribunal court. NNPP was given the same opportunity to provide evidence but failed to do so.

    Rather than focusing on gathering evidence, NNPP resorted to threats and intimidation against the tribunal judges, who would preside over the case a week before the final judgment. Given the lack of evidence presented by NNPP, it is not surprising that the Tribunal judges ruled accordingly.

    Regardless of where Abba and the NNPP choose to appeal, if they cannot provide compelling evidence, it is unlikely that any court will rule in their favor. Videos depicting alleged election rigging with invalid votes are included in the thread for reference.

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