Palestine pushed to the wall – MURIC demands an immediate end to attacks

    The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), an Islamic human rights organization, claimed that the Palestinian people had reached their breaking point and that this is why Hamas attacked Israel.

    Professor Ishaq Akintola, the Executive Director of MURIC, released a statement on Thursday in which the organisation demanded an immediate ceasefire and urged the international community to address the underlying causes of the Palestinian conflict.

    “MURIC calls for an immediate ceasefire considering the heavy toll on both sides,” he said. In response to the call of the United Nations and the plea made yesterday by the European Union, we demand that Israel open a humanitarian passage. War is an evil force. It turns humans into animals.

    According to Akintola, Israel’s continuous shelling of Palestine and blockade of Gaza are only more examples of the country’s apartheid and genocide tendencies.

    The entire statement is as follows: “Today is the sixth day that Palestine has been under air, land, and sea bombardment.” This came when the Palestinian liberation organization Hamas launched an unexpected attack on Israel on Saturday, October 7, 2023.

    “In light of the erroneous and misleading narratives being pushed to the forefront, MURIC seeks to place the issue in its proper context. This started when the UN gave Israel a larger portion of Palestinian land in 1947. Israel’s aggressive, expansionist, and apartheid policies that left the Palestinians with only a small portion of the land that was rightfully theirs from the beginning were the immediate causes of this.


    “The UN was unable to grant Palestine authority. The only state that is acknowledged is Israel. There is no freedom of movement for Palestinians. Israel controls all of their utilities, including water and electricity, and it has the authority to decide whether a Palestinian citizen lives or dies. Israel often conducts extrajudicial killings, and the country routinely makes arbitrary arrests and demolishes Palestinian houses.

    The conflict is also rooted in the desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam. The Palestinians were driven to the breaking point by these provocations, these injustices, and the ongoing violations of their basic human rights, which were bestowed by Allah.

    “Therefore, Saturday’s attack was only smoke, and since fire precedes smoke, objective people need to look past the smoke and inquire as to what created it in the first place.

    “We deny that Palestinians or Hamas members are terrorists. These are the folks defending their legal rights. They battle for freedom. Their goal is to free their people. Justice, equal rights, and a life of dignity for each and every Palestinian are what they desire. We declare that justice is the essence of peace and we agree with these admirable objectives. Nobody can take pleasure in both while denying the other.

    The anatomy of terrorism has shown that when people are subjected to serious wounds by usurpers and the world community does nothing, the victims almost always resort to self-help. All five of the ills that Chamberlain mentioned—brute force, poor faith, injustice, tyranny, and persecution—were present in Israel.

     “The whole Gaza may be flattened. All 2.4 million Palestinian population may be slaughtered. It makes no hero of Israel. Neither does it make the Jewish state super human. Rather it will only bring forth the brute in Israel. History does not forget.

     “We lay the blame squarely at the feet of America for failing to act as an unbiased umpire. America and its Western allies find immense pleasure in applying veto to UN resolutions which were designed to act as checks on belligerent Israel until the latter began to see itself as not only untouchable but also invincible. Israel has ignored more than 232 UN resolutions to date. 

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    In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, three things have become abundantly evident. First of all, Israel’s myth of invincibility has been debunked. Two, America has demonstrated that it is the greatest threat to democracy, the rule of law, justice, and equity in the world by promising to support Israel through this crisis.

    “Three, Israel’s prime minister Netanyau has shown himself to be the worst despot since Hitler and Mussolini by pledging to deny food, water, and electricity to the 2.4 million Palestinians residing in Gaza.

    Recall that in September 2011, US President Bill Clinton declared that the concept of two states coexisting was eliminated by the same Netanyau. Naturally, this has great significance for the astute observer (

    More than 1,100 Palestinians, including minors, expectant mothers, and other defenseless people, have died in the interim. 1,200 Israelis have lost their lives. On both sides, hundreds have been hurt, the statement read.

    MURIC, however, pleaded with Hamas not to put any of the hostages under death as a result of Israel’s attacks.

    “We implore Hamas to desist from executing one hostage for each surprise attack that Israel launches. We demand an immediate end to hostilities on all fronts.

    We urge Nigerians to set aside their emotions and confront the truth about the Palestinian issue. No one need to stoke animosity regarding the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Rather, we ought to take away from the tragic imbroglio as many lessons as possible.

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