Police want the surrender of illegal gun owners

    The Osun police have urged anyone who own illegal firearms to voluntarily turn them in at the local Divisional Police Headquarters.

    This information may be found in a statement made by SP Yemisi Opalola, the spokeswoman for the Osun Police.

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    According to Opalola, the action was taken in accordance with an instruction from Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Kayode Egbetokun intended to curb the proliferation of firearms.

    “The surrender of the firearms is not subject to any sanctions. Neither will

    Recall that Egbetokun said on August 8 that the police had halted issuing licenses for small guns in the nation.

    ig OF POLICE
    ig OF POLICE

    “We are collecting circulating arms. There are too many weapons in use, and if we continue to grant permits for them, we risk making the issues we are attempting to address worse.

    “For the time being, the sale of firearms is temporarily prohibited. However, we are not currently issuing licenses for the possession of firearms across the country.

    For the past few years, Nigeria’s gun laws have been governed by the Firearm Act.

    According to the Act, no one is permitted to possess or control a firearm or ammunition unless they receive a license from the President or the Inspector General of Police.

    In the interest of public safety and general security, Egbetokun also announced the creation of an ad hoc committee with the mandate to thoroughly review the Nigeria Police Force’s licensing and rules for firearms in accordance with the Firearms Act and other applicable laws.

    In order to improve the effectiveness, transparency, and accountability of the current guns licensing procedures and regulations, the committee’s mission calls for a complete evaluation of them.

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