Missing dog : Daniel Sturridge, a former striker for Chelsea, is wanted by the police

    Daniel Sturridge, a former striker for Chelsea and England, had an arrest warrant issued in the US for not paying the prize for a missing dog.

    The warrant was issued to Sturridge because he neglected to show up in a Los Angeles court about the incident.

    Lucci, the 34-year-old’s pet dog, vanished from his Los Angeles home in July 2019, and he offered a prize to anyone who could securely return it.

    Rapper Foster Washington, also known as Killa Fame, claimed not to have received a reward after finding the dog and returning it to Sturridge; this led to a civil case.

    An LA court had ordered Sturridge to pay Washington $30,000 (£24,400), and the Englishman was scheduled to return for a “debtor’s exam” last month to answer questions about his money. However, he failed to show up, which led to the issuance of an arrest warrant.

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    Daniel Sturridge

    According to Washington, who told MailOnline that he had paid over $10,000 [£8,100] in legal fees, “For me, it’s a point of principle.” He assured me of the funds. It’s a large sum of money that has the power to alter my family’s circumstances.

    He believes he is exempt from the law. He believes that his wealth exempts him from having to react to events. Because of this, I had to ask the judge to issue a warrant for him to reimburse the money.

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