Israeli-Hamas War: US moves nuclear aircraft carrier close to crisis area

    The ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas has claimed the lives of over 700 Israelis and 500 Palestinians.

    Following Hamas attacks against Israel from Gaza on Saturday and Israeli airstrikes in retaliation, the death toll has been rising. According to Israel’s health ministry, more than 700 Israelis have died, 100 have been abducted, and more than 2,500 have been injured.

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    Israeli attacks have also claimed the lives of 370 Palestinians, according to the Gazan health ministry, which reportedly reported 2,200 injuries. Yesterday, the Israeli government formally declared war on Hamas, launching a huge offensive against the Islamist militant organization.

    In a dramatic declaration made on Saturday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the nation was at war. The Israeli cabinet’s action on Sunday was a formal decision that resembles a proclamation of war by the US Congress.

    An Israel Defense Forces spokeswoman said yesterday that Israeli forces have taken hundreds of Hamas fighters hostage and killed thousands of others while injuring many more. According to IDF spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, the initial Israeli counterattack started at 3:45 a.m. local time on Sunday (8:45 p.m. ET on Saturday). “Tens of tons of bombs” were launched.


    Israeli forces destroyed around 800 targets, including launching pads used by Hamas, with 50 planes attacking 120 targets in Beit Hanoun alone and destroying all Hamas gathering points there, Hagari said.

    Pope calls for ceasefire and peace

    Pope Francis called for an end to attacks and violence in Israel and Gaza yesterday, saying terrorism and war would not solve any problems but only bring further suffering and death to innocent people.

    “I stand in solidarity with the victims’ families, and I offer prayers for everyone going through these hours of terror and suffering. Please put an end to the attacks and the use of weapons; it must be realized that doing so only results in the pain and death of numerous innocent people. Every conflict results in defeat. Let us pray for peace between Palestine and Israel, the pope urged.

    With a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the US supports Israel.

    According to a statement from the White House, US President Joe Biden has “directed additional support” for Israel. According to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a US Navy carrier strike group is en route to the eastern Mediterranean Sea as Israel is ready to launch a significant campaign against Hamas in Gaza.

    According to the ship’s social media, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford was traveling alongside the Italian Navy earlier this week, which positioned it close to Israel.

    Two other classes of Navy warships, guided missile destroyers and guided missile cruisers, will accompany the carrier.

    The US is also making efforts to increase the number of squadrons of F-35, F-15, F-16, and A-10 fighter jets it has in the area. In recent months, it dispatched a number of these aircraft to the Middle East in retaliation for Iranian military activity throughout the area, especially in Syria and the Gulf of Oman.

    We support Israel — UK

    Following the strikes by Hamas, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak informed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday that London was trying to ensure the world speaks with one voice and that Britain was standing “unequivocally” with Israel. “Sunak reiterated that the UK will stand firmly with Israel against these terrorist activities. Following a phone chat between the two leaders, Sunak’s Downing Street office issued a statement saying, “The prime minister offered Prime Minister Netanyahu any support Israel needs.”

    Airlines cancel Tel Aviv-bound flights

    Dozens of flights to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport have been canceled by a number of carriers, including American carriers, Air France, Lufthansa, Emirates, and Ryanair.

    El Al, the national airline of Israel, announced that it would continue operating flights to Tel Aviv for the time being despite the cancellation of several flights run by international partners.

    French Jews are concerned about retaliation.

    Jews in France express concern that violence may be directed towards them and their community as a result of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Herve Rehby, a physician and co-president of the Yavne Cultural Centre in Bordeaux, southwest France, declares, “We are all stunned.”

    To learn more, everyone is calling everyone else. In Israel, everyone has family and friends, according to him.

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