CAN urges Israel and Palestine to put an end to attacks

    Israel and Palestine were chastised by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on Wednesday in Abuja for continuing hostilities and rejecting dialogue in defense of human life.

    Archbishop Daniel Okoh, the association’s president, expressed worry on behalf of CAN about the ongoing fighting, noting that it had caused casualties, destroyed infrastructure, and intensified the problem.

    He went on to say that regardless of a person’s nationality or religious affiliation, CAN condemns any act of violence that endangers the lives of innocent people.As a result, we demand that Israel and Palestine immediately put an end to their hostilities and violence.

    “As maintained by our Christian faith, we believe in the sanctity of human life as well as the values of justice and peace.”We implore all concerned parties to initiate communication and pursue diplomatic resolutions,” Okoh said.

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    The clergyman conveyed the sympathies of CAN to everyone who had lost a loved one in combat.He pointed out that Nigerian Christians who travel to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and other holy places in the area are affected by the strife.


    Due to the war, the president recommended that pilgrimages to the holy sites be halted until peace restored to the region because he was concerned for the safety and wellbeing of Nigerian pilgrims.

    Okoh called on all Nigerian religious leaders to exercise caution and thwart any attempts by the conflict to seep into Nigerian religious communities.

    “It is imperative that religious communities and leaders in Nigeria actively work to advance compassion, understanding, and peaceful coexistence among various religious groups.”We must fight the urge to let the Israel-Palestine conflict cause further rifts or heightened religious tensions within Nigeria.

    “CAN prays for the peace of the souls of those who were killed in violent attacks and the ensuing war in light of these circumstances.

    He said, “CAN also prays for healing, peace, and reconciliation in the Israel-Palestine region.”called on all Nigerian religious groups to pray ardently for harmony and peace in the Israel-Palestine region.

    CAN urges Israel
    can president

    In addition, he asked for prayers for the safety and well-being of everyone impacted by the fighting as well as the prompt release of those who have been kidnapped.

    The cleric urged the world community to step up its efforts in order to help bring about a fair and long-lasting settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians.

    “Remember that even in the face of conflict and misfortune, our faith calls us to be peacemakers and agents of reconciliation.

    “May the God of peace lead us through these difficult times, and may His mercy and grace abound in the land of Israel and Palestine,” said Okoh.

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