BabyTron, the American rapper, gained prominence when the song “Jesus Shuttlesworth” from his debut album “Bin Reaper” went viral in 2020. He is recognized as one of the rapidly emerging rappers in the United States, with popular tracks including “100 Bars” and “Out on Bond.” What is BabyTron’s age?


    BabyTron embarked on his rap journey during high school and subsequently joined the trio band ShuttyBoyz. His musical talent has led to collaborations with renowned artists including Sada Baby, Icewear, Peezy, Vezzo, and Lil Yachty. For a comprehensive overview of BabyTron’s life and career, his bio provides all the essential details.

    Profile summary

    Full nameJames Edward Johnson III
    Nickname BabyTron
    Gender Male
    Date of birth6 June 2000
    Age 23 years old (as of 2023)
    Zodiac sign Gemini
    Place of birth Detroit, Michigan, United States
    Current residenceDetroit, Michigan, United States
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Sexuality Straight
    Height in feet 5’7″
    Height in centimetres 170
    Weight in pounds132
    Weight in kilograms60
    Hair colourDark brown
    Eye colourBrown
    Father Mr Sadistic
    Siblings 2
    Relationship statusSingle
    High School Ypsilanti High School
    Profession Rapper
    Net worth $500,000–$1 million
    Instagram @babytron
    BabyTron’s Profile summary

    What is BabyTron’s age?

    As of 2023, BabyTron is 23 years old, born on June 6, 2000, under the zodiac sign Gemini. He holds American nationality and has a mixed descent. Born as James Edward Johnson III in Detroit, Michigan, United States, BabyTron is the son of the legendary rapper, Mr. Sadistic. Growing up, he had a sister as his sibling. BabyTron completed his high school education at Ypsilanti Lincoln High School, graduating in 2019.

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    BabyTron embarked on his rap journey during his teenage years while still in high school. He joined forces with StanWill and TrDee to form the rap group ShittyBoyz. Their debut song, “No Hook 3,” was released in January 2018, marking the beginning of their collaborative musical venture. The group went on to drop albums like “4-Peat,” “Just Because,” and “Trifecta.”

    Venturing into solo endeavors, BabyTron achieved significant success. On October 30, 2019, he released his debut solo album, “Bin Reaper,” featuring notable collaborations, including one with Lil Yachty. Since then, he has continued to make his mark in the rap scene, delivering nine albums as of the current date. Additionally, BabyTron has unleashed a series of hit singles and EPs, such as “Pre-Game,” “Dookie Brothers,” and “Out on Bond.” His diverse discography showcases his evolving style and musical prowess.

    Some of the rapper’s most popular hits are listed below:

    Year Songs
    2018Jugg Mesiah
    2018 Heat Check
    2019Punch God
    2019 Flawless Victory
    2020 New Year Same You
    2020 Larry Lobster
    2020 Blizzard Talk
    2021 Cade Cunningham
    2021 Day In Ferndale
    2022 Chess Players
    2022 Blah Blah Blah
    2023 See Yall in June
    2023 Psilocybin
    2023 $1 m
    Some of the rapper’s most popular hits.

    BabyTron maintains a dedicated presence on YouTube through his self-titled channel, where he shares captivating music videos with his audience. The channel has amassed a significant following, boasting 333 thousand subscribers who eagerly engage with his content. Through this platform, BabyTron extends his reach and provides fans with a visual experience to accompany his musical creations.


    What is BabyTron’s net worth?

    While BabyTron’s exact net worth remains unconfirmed, Popular Net Worth estimates it to be in the range of $500K to $1 million. It is believed that his thriving music career serves as his main avenue of income, contributing to his financial success.

    Where is BabyTron from?

    James Edward Johnson IV, widely known as BabyTron, was born on June 6, 2000, in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He pursued his education at Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti.

    Who is BabyTron’s dad?

    Music has been a constant presence in BabyTron’s life. His father, who is known by the stage name Sadistic, is a member of the Detroit nu-metal band Motown Rage. Motown Rage was formerly signed to Insane Clown Posse’s Psychopathic Records. Growing up, BabyTron immersed himself in the sounds of classic rap albums.

    When did BabyTron graduate?

    Tron completed his education at Ypsi’s Lincoln High School in June 2019. Just three months after graduating, he released his debut album, “Bin Reaper,” marking the beginning of his collaboration with Hip-Hop Lab Records.

    What type of rap is BabyTron?

    attachment babytron1

    Hailing from Ypsilanti, Michigan, this rapid-fire rapper is recognized as one of the innovators of scam rap—a unique subgenre that emerged from social engineering in the digital era. He transforms the glitzy and vibrant sounds reminiscent of nearby Detroit into a driving force for his unapologetic confessions.

    Frequently Asked Questions about BabyTron:

    Q: Who is BabyTron?

    A: BabyTron is an American rapper, known for his punchlines, beat selection, and unique lyrical style. He gained popularity in 2019 with his hit track “Jesus Shuttlesworth” and is considered a pioneer of “scam rap,” a niche subgenre of hip-hop focusing on internet scams and illegal activities.

    Q: What’s his real name and age?

    A: BabyTron’s real name is James Edward Johnson IV, and he was born on June 6, 2000, making him 23 years old (as of December 2023).

    Q: Where is he from?

    A: BabyTron hails from Ypsilanti, Michigan, and is part of the hip-hop group ShittyBoyz.

    Q: What are his most popular songs?

    A: Besides “Jesus Shuttlesworth,” some of BabyTron’s most successful tracks include “Out on Bond,” “100 Bars,” “Icecream,” and “Bin Reaper.” He’s also known for his “Bin Reaper” mixtape series and his collaborative project with fellow rapper JPEGMAFIA, “JPEGMAFIA & BabyTron.”

    Q: What are his musical influences?

    A: BabyTron cites various influences, including rappers like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, and Danny Brown. He also draws inspiration from video game soundtracks and internet culture.

    Q: What are his career achievements?

    A: BabyTron has garnered significant recognition in the music industry, including:

    • Being featured on XXL’s Freshman List in 2022.
    • Signing with the Empire and The Hip Hop Lab record labels.
    • Performing at major music festivals like Rolling Loud and SXSW.
    • Collaborating with prominent artists like Freddie Gibbs, Denzel Curry, and ASAP Rocky.

    Q: What is his net worth?

    A: BabyTron’s exact net worth is not publicly known. However, he reportedly earns significant income from music sales, streaming royalties, and live performances.

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