It may appear that being really gorgeous elevates your life to a whole new level. Discounts, free things, and even employment appear to be handed to these folks on a silver platter. It’s also simpler to locate an ideal mate or girlfriend when you look good. Pretty individuals, believe it or not, struggle, even though they appear to be the opposite.

    1. They intimidate with their beauty.

    timothée chalamet
    timothée chalamet

    Talking to a “girl next door” is much simpler than talking to a beautiful supermodel who looks to be well out of your league. In the end, males want to chat with beautiful women, and women prefer plain-looking men. Male Reddit members give this explanation, arguing that males avoid chatting with attractive girls to guard against rejection and self-esteem harm. It’s not even worth attempting since they believe someone more attractive will show up.

    2. Everyone thinks they’ve already been taken.

    therlize theron

    Most people find it difficult to comprehend how someone so handsome might be single. The idea of contacting a prospective perfect partner or girlfriend is never even considered by guys or females. Even if the admirer learns that the other half of their fantasies is single, they will still battle since their only fear will be being overpowered by their attractiveness. What a downward spiral!

    3. They are seen as potential cheaters.

    blake lively

    All of them are actors. “They draw girls and guys in like sugar to an ant,” or “I can’t stand being envious all the time.” When individuals consider dating a beautiful person, these are just a few thoughts that could come to mind. Those who have an attractive lover can be concerned about his loyalty. However, guys who aren’t as handsome make women feel more valued and respected by adding compassion to their looks.

    4. They have trust issues.


    Attractive women worry that their pretend lovers will use them as props to flaunt in front of their buddies. After all, people tend to ignore a person’s personality when judging someone who is physically attractive. According to a female Reddit member, “Every time I believe a man is ‘kind,’ usually speaking, he’s terrible to everyone else and only wants to have a fling with me. They then treat me badly for not desiring it.

    They’re seen as snobbish.

    emma watson
    emma watson

    This is especially true if they possess both shyness and attractiveness. Reddit user “I went out to help a friend with an event, and he introduced me to a lot of people working at the fair,” shared a tale. They were busy selling their goods to customers, so after a little conversation, I found a quiet spot to sit. Later, my buddy informed me that because I chose to sit alone, everyone believed I was haughty.

    What are some other reasons why attractive people stay single? Would you date a gorgeous person?

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