Update Belgium vs Sweden:A man has been arrested after allegedly killing two people during a Euro 2024 qualifying match

    The Euro 2024 qualifier between Belgium and Sweden was called off at halftime due to two fatal shootings in Brussels prior to kickoff. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo of Belgium described the incident as a “brutal terrorist attack,” and Belgian officials raised the terror alert to the highest level in the nation’s capital.

    An arrest has been made in relation to a guy who is suspected of shooting two persons before Monday’s Euro 2024 qualifying match in Brussels between Belgium and Sweden.

    Several accounts state that the man’s alleged weapon has been found, and that the suspect was shot by police.

    According to Mayor Philippe Close of the Belgian capital, “it seems indeed the suspect has been neutralized” on BFM TV.

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    According to Annelies Verlinden, the interior minister of Belgium, “we have the good news that we found the individual” on Tuesday.

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    UEFA called off the game at halftime due to the event, which Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo is referring to as a “brutal terrorist attack”

    The capital is now under the highest degree of terror alert, according to Belgian authorities.

    “Last night three people left for what was supposed to be a wonderful soccer party,” De Croo stated.

    The offender specifically targeted Swedish fans who were in Brussels for a soccer match involving the Red Devils. There were two Swedish nationals who died. According to De Croo, a third individual is recuperating from serious injuries.

    The shooting happened three miles (5 km) from the stadium, around 45 minutes before kickoff. Although it’s unknown if the victims traveled to Brussels to witness the match, rumors have it that the two were sporting Swedish soccer shirts.

    At halftime, the game was delayed with a score of 1-1, and spectators were instructed to stay inside King Baudouin Stadium “until security permits them to leave”.

    A man has been arrested
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    Inside Belgium’s national stadium, supporters waited and yelled “All together, All together,” with thousands from both sides also yelling “Sweden, Sweden!” Just after midnight local time, the 35,000 supporters were eventually permitted to depart in groups. But the shooter is still at large.

    Janne Andersson, the Sweden coach, stated during the game that they were informed of the event at halftime and made the decision to end the contest. He continued: “Everyone was very sad and all the players agreed not to continue with the match.”

    Victor Lindelof, a defender for Manchester United and Sweden, continued: “We talked about the rest of the game with the team and the Belgians. The decision was made to stop playing. The fact that the supporters are now safe is what matters most.”

    The Swedish FA sent the following message on the social networking site X, formerly known as Twitter: “Remain composed and look out for one another. We are praying for all the families of those impacted in Brussels.”

    The national football team of Belgium also posted: “Our thoughts are with all those affected.”

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