Akeredolu absence: PDP kicks in as police seal off the secretariat

    The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State organized a demonstration yesterday against the closure of its party secretariat. This came after the party had intended to protest Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s prolonged absence from the state following his return from a medical vacation overseas.

    Security personnel, including members of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), the Department of State Security (DSS), and the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), besieged the PDP secretariat yesterday beginning at 6:30 a.m.

    Vanguard learned that the PDP members’ planned demonstration over the governor’s absence since his return to the nation from a medical vacation overseas was the reason behind the party’s secretariat being sealed off.

    PDP leaders and members proceeded with the demonstration, requesting that Akeredolu either quit or start his work in the state, despite the secretariat being sealed.
    The governor has reportedly been undergoing treatment at his Ibadan home after returning from his medical vacation.

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    Recall that the PDP, the All Progressives Congress, and the APC have been waging a verbal battle over purported plots to provoke a crisis as a result of Governor Akeredolu’s prolonged absence from the state.

    governor Akeredolu

    The PDP refuted the accusations made by the APC, which claimed to have discovered preparations by the opposition party to cause a crisis in the state in order to weaken the party’s position ahead of the gubernatorial election the following year.

    PDP youths tell Akeredolu to either resume or resign.

    Akintade Tayo, the protest organizer, told reporters during the demonstration that the governor had been out of the state for 32 days since returning from a three-month medical vacation in Germany.

    “Yet, we’ve been hearing about Akeredolu passing bills into law by proxy,” Tayo stated, explaining why the state’s PDP youth branch staged their protest.

    “This is no longer how we can move forward. We represent the masses and are the voice of the people.

    We are stating that Mr. Governor needs to return to his duties immediately. He cannot continue to rule us through a proxy and we cannot continue to hear claims about him even if we haven’t seen him. We are aware of our governor; if he were really fit, we would have seen him walking about Akure.

    The APC has been telling us in a number of their comments that the governor will be joining us in a few days. We’re giving him three days to address us, and if he doesn’t, the opposition party will take over Akure’s streets, and we’ll keep asking that he step down or resume his duties.

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