The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has strongly rejected the Federal Government’s proposal of a N48,000 minimum wage, labeling the plan as inadequate and a step back from current standards. The labor union’s strong opposition comes amid heightened tensions over wage negotiations.

    Union Walks Out of Negotiations In a dramatic turn of events, the TUC, alongside the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), walked out of the ongoing wage discussions. The unions have criticized the government’s proposal, which they argue would lead to a decrease in income for federal workers currently earning N30,000, as per the existing law.

    TUC President’s Stance TUC President, Festus Osifo, in a devastating remark, stated, “The Government’s proposal of a paltry N48,000 as the Minimum Wage does not only insult the sensibilities of Nigerian workers but also falls significantly short of meeting our needs and aspirations.” He further emphasized the lack of data to support the government’s offer, undermining the credibility of the negotiation process.

    “The Government’s failure to provide any substantiated data to support their offer exacerbates the situation. This lack of transparency and good faith undermines the credibility of the negotiation process and erodes trust between the parties involved,” Osifo explained. He warned that the union would decide on further actions if the government does not reach a decision by the end of the month.

    The TUC’s rejection of the N48,000 minimum wage proposal highlights the ongoing struggle for fair labor compensation in Nigeria. The outcome of these negotiations will have significant implications for the country’s workforce and economy.