The best time to Invest in Nigeria is Now – Tony Elumelu..

    Tony Elumelu, during the Nigeria-India Presidential Roundtable and Conference in New Delhi, India, emphasized that this is an opportune moment for Indian investors to consider investing in Nigeria’s burgeoning economy. Mr. Elumelu, a prominent figure in the business world, urged leaders in the Indian private sector to take advantage of the current climate and explore investment prospects in Nigeria.


    Highlighting the appeal of Nigeria, he pointed out that the country boasts a population of over 200 million people and possesses one of the largest economies on the African continent. He stressed that what sets Nigeria apart is not just its vast population but also the demographics of its people. Nigeria is home to a dynamic and youthful population eager to consume, as well as a workforce that is intelligent, hardworking, and well-equipped to provide the human capital that investors require to drive their businesses forward.

    Drawing from his extensive experience as a private sector investor in Nigeria, Mr. Elumelu invited Indian investors to consider the success stories within his investment portfolio and leverage his track record as a testament to the opportunities that await in Nigeria.

    Tony Elumelu’s influence in the African business landscape extends beyond financial services, as he now oversees significant power and natural resources ventures, all focused on fostering value creation across the African continent. His recent appointment as co-chair of the Business 20 (B20) Action Council, focusing on African economic integration, further underscores his commitment to facilitating economic cooperation and growth in Africa. He shares this role with Sunil Mittal, the Founder of Bharti Enterprises, which owns Airtel. The B20, established in 2010 within the G20 framework, serves as the official platform for dialogue between the G20 and the global business community, comprising corporate enterprises and organizations.

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