Skilla Baby, a renowned rapper hailing from the United States, gained prominence with his breakthrough single “Trevon,” which debuted in 2019. With a substantial following on YouTube, where he shares his singles and music videos, Skilla Baby’s popularity has left fans intrigued about various aspects of his life. One key point of interest is his age. How old is Skilla Baby?


    Skilla Baby embarked on his rap journey during his teenage years, marking the beginning of his musical endeavors. Noteworthy among his discography are albums such as “Detroit Raised Me,” “Standing on Business,” and “Crack Music.” Delve into Skilla Baby’s bio to uncover intriguing details and lesser-known facts about the artist that add depth to his persona.

    Profile summary

    Real nameTrevon Gardner
    Famous asSkilla Baby
    Gender Male
    Date of birth2 October 1998
    Age 25 years old (as of 2023)
    Zodiac signLibra
    Place of birth Detroit, Michigan, United States
    Current residenceDetroit, Michigan, US
    Ethnicity African-American
    Religion Christianity
    Sexuality Straight
    Height in feet5’8”y
    Height in centimeter173
    Weight in pounds 132
    Weight in kilograms60
    Hair colorBlack
    Eye colorBrown
    Father Billy
    Siblings 1
    Relationship status Single
    Profession Rapper
    Net worth$600,000
    Skilla Baby Profile summary

    What is Skilla Baby’s age?

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    As of the year 2023, the rapper Skilla Baby is 25 years old, with his birthdate noted as October 2, 1998. Under the zodiac sign of Libra, he hails from the United States and identifies as African-American in terms of ethnicity.

    Where is Skilla Baby from?

    Skilla Baby’s roots trace back to Detroit, Michigan, United States of America, the place of his birth and current residence. Sharing insights into his upbringing, he revealed in an interview that he spent his formative years on the West side of Detroit, Michigan. Additionally, Skilla Baby disclosed that his father goes by the name Billy, and he has an elder brother.

    What is Skilla Baby’s real name?


    Born Trevon Gardner, the rapper adopted the stage name Skilla Baby, inspired by a childhood basketball experience. In second grade, he aspired to play with a third-grade team, despite initial resistance from his coach. Undeterred, Skilla Baby confidently asserted his skills, convincing the coach to allow him to join the team and paving the way for the moniker that would define his artistic identity.

    Skilla Baby, initially drawn to sports, particularly football and basketball, transitioned into the realm of music. His musical journey began at the age of fifteen, sparked by admiration for renowned artists like Lil Wayne and Meek Mill. In an interview with DGB Media, Skilla Baby revealed his foray into the music industry, crediting American rapper Sada Baby for guiding him.

    Notably, Skilla Baby marked his musical debut with the release of “Look at Me Now” on October 31, 2015. The turning point in his career came in 2019 with the viral success of his song “Trevon,” propelling him to fame. Throughout his musical endeavors, Skilla Baby has collaborated with notable artists such as Sada Baby, Doe Boy, City Girls, and G Herbo, creating a diverse portfolio of engaging and popular songs. Some of his well-received tracks include: [List of Popular Songs]

    • Fear of God
    • Randall Upshaw
    • Bae
    • Can’t Stop
    • Millionaire
    • Leave It in the Streets
    • Rich Freak
    • Mama

    Skilla Baby commands a substantial online presence, boasting a considerable following across various platforms. On Instagram, he engages with an audience of over 882 thousand followers, showcasing his multifaceted appeal. Embracing the trendiness of TikTok, Skilla Baby shares his music clips and relatable content, amassing over 164 thousand followers on the platform. His Twitter account, under the handle X, has garnered a notable following of over 13 thousand. Furthermore, Skilla Baby’s YouTube channel boasts a robust subscriber base, exceeding 234 thousand, establishing him as a prominent figure in the digital landscape.

    Personal Life

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    As per recent information, the American rapper Skilla Baby is currently single. During an interview with MajorStage Studio, when questioned about his relationship status and whether he has a girlfriend, Skilla Baby stated that he is not currently in a romantic relationship. The rapper’s personal life, particularly his relationship status, is a topic of interest for fans who follow his journey both musically and personally.

    Skilla Baby’s height and weight

    Skilla Baby, the American rapper, has a height of 5 feet 8 inches, equivalent to 173 centimetres. In terms of weight, he is approximately 132 pounds, which is approximately 60 kilograms. These physical attributes contribute to his distinctive presence, complementing his persona in the music industry.


    While specific FAQs about Skilla Baby may vary, here are some potential questions that fans or followers might have:

    1. What is Skilla Baby’s real name?
    • Skilla Baby’s real name is Trevon Gardner.
    1. When was Skilla Baby born?
    • The birthdate of Skilla Baby is October 2, 1998.
    1. What is Skilla Baby’s most popular song?
    • One of Skilla Baby’s most popular songs is “Trevon,” which gained widespread attention in 2019.
    1. How did Skilla Baby get into the music industry?
    • Skilla Baby developed an interest in music around the age of fifteen and drew inspiration from prominent artists like Lil Wayne and Meek Mill. He received guidance from rapper Sada Baby in navigating the music industry.
    1. What social media platforms is Skilla Baby active on?
    • Skilla Baby is active on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter (under the handle X), and YouTube.
    1. Is Skilla Baby in a relationship?
    • As of recent information, Skilla Baby is single, according to an interview with MajorStage Studio.
    1. What are Skilla Baby’s physical measurements?
    • Skilla Baby stands at 5 feet 8 inches (173 centimetres) tall and weighs approximately 132 pounds (60 kilograms).

    These FAQs provide a snapshot of common inquiries about Skilla Baby, but for the latest and more detailed information, it’s recommended to check his official profiles and interviews.

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