Since the military coup, dozens of troops have died in terrorist strikes in Niger

    According to the military ministry, the deadliest Jihadist attack since the army launched a coup on July 26 in Niger has claimed the lives of no less than 29 troops.

    “Improvised explosive devices and kamikaze vehicles” were used to kill the ministry troops, and “several dozen terrorists” were also killed during the counteroffensive that took place close to the Mali border.

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    Since the military seized power, Jihadist attacks on the army have increased, according to the BBC. The coup leaders said they overthrew President Mohamed Bazoum’s government because the security situation was getting worse.


    Following pressure from the junta, the 1,500 French forces that have been battling the Niger insurgency that erupted in 2015 from Mali are retiring before the end of the year.

    The junta ordered the French ambassador to be blockaded in the embassy for several weeks until he was allowed to leave last week.

    In response to the incident that occurred Monday night in the western Tahoua region, the military of Niger proclaimed a three-day national mourning period.

    According to a statement from the ministry, the army was engaged in operations to “neutralize the threat” presented by al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS) group.

    Since the military

    “Communications from the terrorists, who were forced to withdraw, have been intercepted,” the statement continued.

    The government said that the attackers “benefited from outside expertise” without providing any additional information.

    A security void following reports that soldiers were sent back to the capital, Niamey, to protect the coup leaders, has been connected to the recent rise in terrorist assaults in Niger.

    Twelve troops were slain by hundreds of militants on motorcycles on Thursday in southwest Niger.
    An other attack last month close to the Burkina Faso border claimed at least 17 lives of soldiers.

    Following the withdrawal of French forces, there has also been an increase in jihadist and rebel violence in neighboring Mali, and a UN mission is scaling back operations at the junta’s request.

    The Russian mercenary group Wagner is currently being used by Mali to combat Islamists.

    The heads of the armed forces of Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger signed a security agreement last month, promising to cooperate in the battle against extremists and any external assault.

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