President tinubu decorates service chiefs today at the presidential villa, inside the council chambers. The newly appointed Service Chiefs have been officially decorated by the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

    President Tinubu ceremoniously decorates service chiefs with utmost pride and authority, solidifying their roles as guardians of the nation’s security.

    Their appointment as the nation’s top defense leaders officially begins with this crucial event.

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    Tinubu, Gen C.G musa, Mrs C.G musa, VP Shettima. President Tinubu decorates new service chiefs
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    Tinubu decorates new service chiefs
    Tinubu decorates service chiefs 4


    The Vice President, Senator Kassim Shetimma, senior government officials, and members of the officers’ families were present for the ceremony, which took place within the Council Chambers of the Presidential Villa.

    Following a comprehensive review by the National Assembly, the Service Chiefs, whose official selections were disclosed on June 19th, have successfully completed their parliamentary examination. With this crucial step behind them, they are now poised to take up their pivotal roles as the chief architects of Nigeria’s defense and security strategies, responsible for safeguarding the nation’s well-being.

    In the capacity of Commander-in-Chief, President Tinubu bestowed the new Service Chiefs with their higher office insignia, signifying the utmost significance of the responsibilities they now bear in safeguarding the nation’s security.

    During the ceremony, every Chief expressed unwavering dedication to upholding peace, harmony, and the security of Nigeria. Dressed in their resplendent uniforms adorned with the insignia of their esteemed positions, they radiated determination to fulfill their crucial roles and protect the nation’s well-being.