President Tinubu appoints Shaakaa Chira as Auditor General of the Federation..

    President Tinubu has granted approval for the appointment of Mr. Shaakaa Chira as the substantive Auditor-General of the Federation. This significant decision underscores the commitment of the administration to ensure effective governance and accountability in the country’s financial processes.


    Mr. Shaakaa Chira, in his new role, is expected to play a crucial role in overseeing the auditing processes of the federal government, ensuring transparency, and promoting fiscal responsibility. The appointment aligns with President Tinubu’s vision for a robust financial system that upholds the highest standards of integrity and efficiency.

    As the substantive Auditor-General, Mr. Chira brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the position. His tenure is anticipated to contribute to the enhancement of financial management practices, the detection of irregularities, and the promotion of best practices in financial reporting within the federal government. President Tinubu’s commitment to good governance is further reflected in the selection of capable and qualified individuals to key positions, fostering a culture of accountability and responsibility in public service.

    In approving Mr. Chira’s appointment, President Tinubu has reaffirmed the administration’s dedication to building strong institutions that are crucial for the nation’s sustainable development. The role of the Auditor-General is pivotal in upholding the principles of accountability and transparency, essential elements for achieving a brighter future for Nigeria.

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