Thinking about advancing your education, but a full-fledged master’s program seems a bit hard. The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) offers a compelling alternative: Postgraduate Diplomas (PGDs). These focused programs provide specialized knowledge and skills in a shorter timeframe and at a typically lower cost compared to master’s degrees.

    Generally, PGD programs in Nigeria can range from N150,000 to N350,000 (subject to change) and can be completed within one to two semesters. NOUN, known for its flexible and affordable approach to education, follows a similar structure.

    List of NOUN PGD Courses

    NOUN boasts a diverse range of postgraduate diploma programs across various faculties. Here’s a quick glimpse into some of the popular options:

    • Faculty of Arts: PGD Christian Religious Studies, PGD Islamic Studies, PGD English Language
    • Faculty of Education: PGD Education (various specializations), PGD Guidance and Counselling
    • Faculty of Management Sciences: PGD Human Resource Management, PGD Marketing, PGD Public Administration
    • Faculty of Social Sciences: PGD Social Work, PGD Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
    • Faculty of Sciences: PGD Computer Science, PGD Environmental Management
    • Faculty of Agriculture: PGD Agricultural Extension and Management
    • African Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning (ACETEL): PGD Artificial Intelligence, PGD Cyber Security, PGD Management Information System

    This list represents just a fraction of the Postgraduate Diploma programs offered by NOUN. For a comprehensive listing, you can visit the NOUN School of Postgraduate Studies website

    NOUN PGD Admission Requirements

    Securing admission into a NOUN PGD program is a straightforward process. Here are the general requirements:

    • A Bachelor’s degree (minimum of Third Class) from a recognized university.
    • Relevant transcripts and certificates.
    • An application letter expressing your interest in the specific PGD program.
    • Meeting any program-specific requirements.

    Please note: It’s crucial to verify the specific admission requirements for your chosen Postgraduate Diploma program, as some might have additional prerequisites. You can find these details on the NOUN website or by contacting the relevant faculty.

    NOUN PGD Program Fees

    Fee DescriptionAmount (N)Note
    Semester Registration (New Students)10,000
    Caution Deposit (New Students)7,000 refundable upon graduation
    Orientation Fee (New Students)5,000
    Matriculation Fee (New Students)3,000
    I.D. Card (New Students)1,000
    Library Fee5,000Applies to all semesters
    ICT Administration Charge7,500Applies to all semesters
    E-Facilitation7,500Applies to all semesters
    Result Verification10,000
    Student Transcript Verification5,000
    Course Registration (per course)4,000 (2 Credit Units)Varies based on credit units
    5,000 (3 Credit Units)
    Examination Registration (per course)3,000
    Project Fee40,000


    • This table reflects fees for new PGD students. Returning students might have a slightly different fee structure
    • Course registration fees can vary depending on the number of credits per course (typically 2 or 3).
    • Additional charges might apply depending on your chosen program or specialization, such as teaching practice fees for specific programs in the Faculty of Education.

    Remember: These fees are approximations and can vary depending on the program and prevailing university charges. It’s advisable to confirm the latest fee structure directly with NOUN.

    How many semesters is PGD in NOUN?

    The duration of a NOUN PGD program typically falls between one and two semesters. The specific timeframe depends on the chosen program and its course structure.

    Does Noun offer PGDE?

    NOUN currently offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) program. Moreover, they do provide various PGD programs within the Faculty of Education, each focusing on specific educational specializations like Guidance and Counselling or Educational Administration.

    Can a HND holder go for PGD?

    Individuals with a Higher National Diploma (HND) qualification might be eligible for admission to NOUN PGD programs, subject to meeting program-specific requirements. It’s recommended to contact the NOUN admissions office or the faculty offering your desired PGD program to inquire about their specific HND admission policy.

    Can Third Class Do PGD in NOUN?

    Yes, NOUN generally accepts applicants with a minimum of a third-class