The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is known for its flexible and accessible education system, catering to a diverse range of students. In 2024, there have been some updates to the school tuition structure, affecting both new (freshers) and returning students.

    This guide will provide a clear breakdown of all current fees for both new (freshers) and returning undergraduate students.

    NOUN School Fees for Undergraduates

    For undergraduates at NOUN, the school fee structure is designed to accommodate the unique nature of the university’s distance learning programs, and the Tuition also depend on your student status (new or returning) and the number of courses you register for, etc. Here’s a table summarizing the compulsory fees

    Fee TypeAmount (Naira)
    Core Semester Registration Fee₦20,500 (Returning Students)
    Core Semester Registration Fee₦58,000 (Freshers)
    Course Registration Fee (per 2 credit units)₦2,000
    Course Registration Fee (per 3 credit units)₦2,500
    Course Registration Fee (per 4 credit units for Law Students)₦3,000
    Examination Fee (per course)₦1,500
    Project Fee₦15,000
    School Fee for Undergraduate students

    Note: The “Core Semester Registration Fee” is the total compulsory fee for returning or fresh students is a combination of various fees, including registration fees, caution deposits, orientation fees, matriculation fees, ID cards, library fees, ICT administrative charges, and e-facilitation. Freshers may also incur additional charges, like JAMB Regularization.

    NOUN School Fees for Freshers

    Freshers at NOUN can expect to pay a total compulsory fee of ₦58,000, which includes registration, caution deposit, orientation, matriculation, ID card, library, ICT administrative charges, e-facilitation, and result verification. In addition to the core fees mentioned earlier, freshers might also incur JAMB regularization cost.

    NOUN School Fees per Semester

    The total fees you pay per semester will depend on the number of courses you register for. The core semester registration fee (₦20,500 for returning students, ₦58,000 for freshers) forms the base, and then course registration cost are added on top.

    How much is NOUN school fee per year?

    Since NOUN operates on a semester system, you’ll typically pay fees twice a year. The total annual fee will depend on your chosen program length, course load per semester, and student status (fresher or returning).

    How much is NOUN school fee for undergraduates per semester?

    As mentioned earlier, the semester fees for undergraduates vary based on your course load and student status. The minimum semester fee (excluding course registration) is ₦20,500 for returning students and ₦58,000 for freshers.

    NOUN School Fees for Computer Science

    The core fees mentioned earlier apply to all undergraduate programs, including Computer Science. There are no program-specific fees. However, the number of courses you choose within your program will affect your total semester fees.

    We hope this information clarifies the NOUN’s school fee structure for undergraduate students. Remember, you can always refer to the official fee schedule for the most up-to-date information.