Nysome Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has declared that no one can overthrow his political system and that he will retaliate against anyone who challenges him unfairly.

    This was said by Wike on Wednesday when he welcomed governors to his office who had been elected on the People’s Democratic Party, or PDP, platform.

    Following the political dispute between Simi Fubara, the governor of Rivers State, and the minister, the state’s most recent governor, the governors embarked on an intervention mission.Wike declared that he would never submit to intimidation and that no one could ever take over his political system.”Let me thank my brothers and friends for this wonderful visit. We will continue to work for Mr. President to realize his renewed hope agenda. I am grateful that Mr. President has given me this position.”

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    fct MINISTER

    I am not here for any party, as I have made quite plain to everyone. I’m here to serve Nigeria’s best interests and national unity. I have never concealed my choice, and I am still a PDP member.”They have discussed the situation in Rivers State. I will not be intimidated by anyone, I assure those who are interested.It makes no difference if you claim to be Ijaw or go bring thugs. I will take action if I feel like it. Impeachment is allowed under the Constitution and is not a military takeover.

    Regarding the rumors of this and that being worth money, they are all untrue. Just a few months ago, I left my job? My name is FCT minister.

    However, no one is able to abolish our political system. I’ve listened to them, and in my opinion, you can’t succeed, and people will start to gather opponents—those who opposed you. That is never done.

    I’ve heard that they stated, “I gave him a limit; I want 25 percent.” These are absurd. Though I don’t interfere with Rivers State politics, I am not a political ingrate. I refuse to close my eyes.

    “Forget about the Atikus and the Obedience; they’re the ones who lost, who thought I wasn’t there for them, and who took back their C of O.

    “Wike did this, Wike did that,” they said in response to my lack of support for their presidential nominees. I won’t be bothered by any of those things; I will simply act morally.

    The President has said that he is our father. Let’s see where it leads. However, no amount of disinformation can make my conscience clear; no one can disparage me.I’m not the kind of person you can post anything on social media and get away with it. Be careful, though; I can defend myself.

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