The Nigerian Temporary Passport (NTP), launched in March 2021, is a major upgrade in travel documents for Nigerians abroad. NTP is an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)-compliant document that substitutes the older Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC). The Nigerian Temporary Passport allows stranded Nigerians to return home with a secure, internationally recognized document issued by Nigerian Consulates worldwide.

    Nigerian Temporary Passport
    NTP sample

    What is the Nigerian Temporary Passport?

    The NTP is a one-way travel document issued by Nigerian embassies and consulates abroad. Imagine it as a temporary lifeline for Nigerians who need to return home due to lost passports, expired travel documents, or other unforeseen circumstances.

    Application Requirements

    List of requirement for the Nigerian Temporary Passport application:

    1. Documentations:
    • Police Report: Required if the previous passport was lost or stolen.
    • Proof of Nigerian citizenship: such as a birth certificate or national ID card.
    • Recent Passport Photographs: Typically, two identical, color photographs.
    • Direct Flight Itinerary to Nigeria: Evidence of a booked flight directly to Nigeria.

    2. Personal Presence:  Applicants must be physically present at a Nigerian mission to provide biometric data

    Who can apply for a Nigerian temporary passport?

    Nigerian citizens stranded outside Nigeria due to:

    • Lost or stolen passports
    • Expired passports
    • Urgent situations preventing regular passport renewal

    How long is NTP valid?

    The passport is valid for 30 days and is intended for a single journey back to Nigeria.

    Where can I apply for a Nigerian temporary passport?

    Contact your nearest Nigerian embassy or consulate for application procedures and required documents, as these may vary by location.