In a recent update from the Defense Headquarters (DHQ) on Thursday, it was reported that military operations conducted across the nation over the past two weeks have resulted in the elimination of 28 terrorists, the apprehension of 106 criminals, and the liberation of 82 individuals.

    Major General Edward Buba, Director of Defense Media Operations, shared these developments during a press briefing in Abuja held every two weeks. General Buba highlighted that during these operations, the troops managed to secure the release of 82 hostages who had been abducted and thwarted an attempt at oil theft amounting to N876,451,800.00.


    General Buba emphasized the military’s commitment to employing robust and decisive force against any faction that jeopardizes the well-being of both civilians and the armed forces. He further outlined the achievements of the past week, revealing that the troops had retrieved a cache of 108 weapons and 564 rounds of ammunition. This included the recovery of 22 AK47 rifles, a PKT gun, 6 pump action guns, 4 Dane guns, a fabricated rifle, a galil ace rifle, an RGP bomb, an RPG tube, 44 hand grenades, 322 rounds of 7.62mm special ammunition, 63 rounds of 12.7mm ammunition, and 12 rounds of 5.6mm ammunition. Additionally, 33 AK47 magazines, an empty case of 7.62mm special, and 3 empty magazines were also seized.

    Numerous other items were confiscated, such as 14 motorcycles, 16 mobile phones, 3 Motorola radios, a Boafeng radio, 2 motorcycle tires, 5 touch lights, 2 solar panels, 104 livestock, and the sum of N2,896,400.00. In the Niger Delta region, troops took down 36 dugout pits, 62 wooden boats, 73 storage tanks, a vehicle, and 75 cooking ovens. They also disabled 4 pumping machines and 5 outboard engines, while uncovering and dismantling 33 illegal refining sites. This comprehensive effort resulted in the recovery of 1,166,900 liters of stolen crude oil, 1,491,250 liters of unlawfully refined AGO, 54,750 liters of DPK, and 800 liters of PMS.

    General Buba affirmed the military’s strategic deployment of personnel nationwide to engage in operations designed to curtail the activities of violent extremist groups that contribute to instability in the country. He praised the dedication of the men and women in the armed forces, acknowledging their continued willingness to put themselves in harm’s way to safeguard the nation. In conclusion, he conveyed a resolute message to those who challenge the military’s resolve and to members of violent extremist groups, cautioning them that the armed forces possess both the capability and determination to bring them to justice.

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