Nigeria@63:Four prisoners are freed by the Plateau government

    Four prisoners serving varied imprisonment terms in the state have received clemency from Plateau State Governor Caleb Mutfwang.

    As part of celebrations for the 63rd anniversary of the country’s independence, the governor informed the state’s residents of this in a broadcast that was broadcast to the whole state on Sunday.

    “On this remarkable day, it is my pleasure to exercise my Prerogative of Mercy as guaranteed by the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s constitution,” Mutfwang declared. I thus give my approval to the following after carefully considering the Council on Prerogative of Mercy’s recommendations: An absolute pardon is given to Danladi Musa, who was given a life sentence for culpable homicide and has spent 17 years.

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    “Tali Zingtim, who was given a death by hanging sentence for armed robbery and criminal conspiracy, will spend 21 years in prison. Ponzing Nanshep will serve 21 years in prison after being given a life sentence for criminal conspiracy and culpable homicide. Dauda Joshua will serve a life term in jail after being found guilty of culpable homicide.

    The governor reiterated his resolve to upholding the social contract he made with the people when he took the oath of office, stating that his enthusiasm and dedication to strengthen peace, security, and enshrine good administration for the benefit of the people remained steadfast.

    “Despite the difficulties we confront, we must remain united and work toward creating a wealthy state and country. Without a doubt, we are not where we should be. Nigeria is a great country with a wealth of resources, opportunities, and abilities, all of which have yet to be completely exploited, much like our lovely state,” he stated.

    The governor exhorted the populace to support their government and have faith in their country.

    “We must unite and work together to improve the fortunes of our beloved country,” he continued.

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    “Democracy is a work in progress, and that must also be acknowledged! As we commemorate Nigeria’s independence, we ought to consider how to strengthen our democratic institutions. We must work to level the playing field for all political parties, ensure fair resource distribution throughout the State, advance gender equity, fight corruption, and advance every citizen’s inalienable rights, particularly those of the most marginalized groups, such as women, children, IDPs, and people with disabilities (PWDs). The commitment to these ideas must come from leaders at all levels, civil society organizations, interest groups, and every individual.

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