No going back on strike: NLC conveys a heartfelt message to Nigerians on October 1

    As Nigerians today mark the nation’s 63 Independence anniversary, Organised Labour, yesterday, asked citizens, irrespective of ethnic, religious and political differences, to join the nationwide strike it called from October 3, saying it is the march to freedom, better living conditions and prosperity for all.

    Through the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, the Organised Labour also pleaded with royal fathers and other well-meaning Nigerians to advise government to listen to labour and lessen the suffering across the country.

    This country can benefit us all. It is possible to beautify this country, but good things take effort to achieve. Liberty is not a ripe fruit that naturally falls to the ground. We can fight toward our liberation if we join our hands as the true owners of Nigeria and have one heart. Let’s rouse this beast and make it serve our interests, the NLC urged in a moving voice.

    This information was provided as Sunday Vanguard learned that a meeting between the Federal Government and labor leaders is scheduled for today in Abuja in an effort to prevent the strike that is set to commence on October 3.

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    The NLC President, Comrade Joe Ajaero, stated that the fight beginning on October 3 is for Nigeria to rise and shine once more as a beacon of hope and prosperity for all of its citizens in an independent anniversary message titled Nigeria: “The Travails of a Mismanaged Giant.”

    Nigeria, despite its initial shortcomings, has a significant potential to rank among the best economies in the world, according to Ajaero.

    “Let us celebrate this Independence Day with a fresh sense of purpose. Let’s face our current problems head-on, accept our past, and work together to give Nigeria a better future, he said.

    “Together, we can recapture the brilliance that has escaped us for too long. Nigeria must once more rise to the occasion and shine brightly as a symbol of prosperity and optimism for all of its people. Remember that we will succeed if we stand as a unit and refuse to be divided. On October 3rd, we’re calling on all Nigerians to join us as we launch an indefinite nationwide strike as the first step in our march toward liberation.

    The Nigeria Labour Congress calls on all of us to work together from the North, East, West, and South to develop the necessary coalition to transform our country into a fully independent one.

    As we commemorate Nigeria’s 63rd year of independence, it is crucial that we call attention to the fact that our country was once a magnificent one, full of tremendous optimism and influenced by great leaders, until incompetent and corrupt officials took control of the situation and led the country astray. True to its name, our country’s growth is under crisis due to the leadership issue.

    No going back strike

    Labour to meets FG

    In the meantime, today’s meeting between the Federal Government and Labour leaders is anticipated in an effort to forge a compromise and stop the statewide strike that is set to begin on Wednesday.

    The meeting will take place at the Aso Rock Villa, according to Sunday Vanguard.

    Sunday Vanguard was informed by sources that the meeting would start at noon.

    Recall that on Friday, in a last-ditch effort to prevent the anticipated statewide strike on October 3, leaders of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and their Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) counterparts avoided a meeting convened by the Federal Government.

    The government’s invitation, according to the two labor centers, was late because they had commitments outside of Abuja.

    The administration rescheduled the meeting at the request of the leaders of the Labour Party.

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