NELFUND Unveils repayment plan for student loans has been revealed by the organization’s Executive Secretary, Akintunde Sawyerr. In an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Sawyerr explained that graduates who receive loans must report to NELFUND within two years of finishing their mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program. This two-year grace period is mandated by the law governing NELFUND’s.

    NELFUND Unveils

    Understanding NELFUND’s Repayment Expectations for Student Loans

    NELFUND, the Nigerian Education Loan Fund, has set clear guidelines for the repayment of student loans, ensuring that graduates have sufficient time to secure employment before starting their repayment journey. Here’s a comprehensive look at the repayment expectations and moratorium period for those who may face challenges in finding a job post-graduation.

    NELFUND Unveils Student Loan Repayment Strategy

    Repayment Timeline

    Graduates who have benefited from NELFUND’s student loan program are expected to begin repayment no later than two years after completing their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). This timeline provides a grace period for graduates to stabilize their careers and start earning an income.

    Addressing Employment Challenges

    When asked about the provisions for those who struggle to secure employment after completing their NYSC, a NELFUND spokesperson confirmed that there is a moratorium in place. If a graduate is unable to find a job within the initial two-year period, they are not immediately pressured to begin repayments. Instead, they are given an extended grace period.

    Extended Grace Period

    The extended grace period extends up to four years post-NYSC. During this time, if an individual still hasn’t secured employment, NELFUND will not aggressively pursue repayment. The key expectation is that the graduate maintains regular communication with NELFUND, keeping the fund updated on their employment status.

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    Regular Reporting

    Graduates who have not secured employment after the four-year mark are required to report regularly to NELFUND. This regular reporting helps NELFUND to understand the graduate’s situation and provide any necessary support or adjustments to the repayment plan. It is crucial for graduates to stay in touch with NELFUND to ensure their situation is adequately documented and addressed.

    Importance of Communication

    NELFUND emphasizes the importance of ongoing communication. Graduates are encouraged to keep NELFUND informed of any changes in their employment status, as this information can impact the management of their repayment schedule. This communication ensures that graduates who face prolonged unemployment are not unduly penalized and can negotiate terms that reflect their financial reality.

    Support and Resources

    In addition to providing flexible repayment terms, NELFUND offers resources to assist graduates in finding employment. These resources include career counseling, job placement services, and networking opportunities with industry professionals. By supporting graduates in their job search, NELFUND aims to facilitate smoother transitions from education to employment, ultimately aiding in timely loan repayment.


    NELFUND’s approach to student loan repayment reflects a balance between accountability and compassion. By providing a generous grace period and requiring regular updates from graduates, NELFUND ensures that repayments are manageable and aligned with individual circumstances. Graduates are urged to take advantage of this support system, maintain open lines of communication, and utilize available resources to secure employment and meet their repayment obligations.

    For more information on NELFUND’s student loan program and repayment policies, visit the official NELFUND website or contact their support team directly.

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