The distinction of being the worst AGF in history belongs to the nation’s former attorney general. Allegations of corruption, disobedience to court rulings, intimidation, and blatant ineptitude characterized his administration.
    Abubakar Malami, the former AGF, is about to be charged with at least five dubious transactions that occurred while he was in office.
    Five of the transactions are being looked into:

    1. The mystery $496 million payment to Global Steel Holdings Ltd (GSHL) in settlement for the termination of the Ajaokuta Steel concession, which occurred nine years after the Indian business waived all rights for compensation.
    2. His management of the sale of property forfeited to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) by individuals with political ties that was worth billions of naira.
    3. His part in the $419 million judgment against him that was given to consultants who claimed to have helped the Paris Club reimbursements to the states.
      4.The odd decision to settle Sunrise Power’s lawsuit with the FG over the Mambilla power plant with a $200 million settlement.
    4. The duplicative legal fees associated with the $321 million transfer of Abacha loot from Switzerland to Nigeria.

    Abubakar Malami who served as the Attorney General and Minister of Justice during the first and second tenure of Former president Muhammadu Buhari hailed from Kebbi state in the Northwest part of Nigeria.