The federal Government of Nigeria has ordered all directors of the Finance Ministry to resign. This came as a result of the recent introduction of a tenure limit for directors in the Federal Civil Service. The Federal Ministry of Finance has mandated that all directors who have completed eight years in the directorate cadre must submit their notices for early retirement. This measure is in line with the Ministry’s efforts to enforce the new policy and bring in fresh perspectives within its leadership ranks.

    On August 3, 2023, a memorandum signed by the Director of Administration, Mariya Rufai, was dispatched to all directors and heads of units in the ministry. The memo contained important information or directives relevant to their respective roles and responsibilities within the ministry.

    Under the recently revised regulations, the Federal Government has implemented a tenure policy for Permanent Secretaries, stipulating a fixed term of four years. However, this tenure is subject to possible renewal based on performance evaluations. Additionally, the new rules mandate that directors who have served eight years must retire, making it compulsory for them to do so after reaching this duration in the directorate cadre. These measures are part of the government’s efforts to enhance efficiency and bring about fresh perspectives in leadership roles.

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