Fanum, the prominent YouTuber, TikTok star, Twitch streamer, and social media influencer, hails from the United States. He gained widespread recognition through his YouTube channel, JustFanum, where he regularly shares content like vlogs, storytimes, reaction videos, and challenges. Over time, Fanum has amassed a substantial following on various social media platforms.


    Fanum, a well-known digital content creator from the United States, enjoys widespread popularity across multiple social media platforms, notably on YouTube and Instagram. As a member of the YouTube group AMP, he contributes to the collective’s content creation. Currently residing in the Bronx, New York, Fanum continues to engage and entertain his audience with diverse and engaging content.

    Profile Summary

    Full name Roberto Gonzalez
    Famous asFanum
    Gender Male
    Date of birth 22 August 1997
    Age 26 years old (as of 2023)
    Place of birth New York City, New York, United States
    Current residenceBronx, New York, United States
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Afro-Latino
    Religion Christianity
    Sexuality Straight
    Height in inches5’10’’
    Height in centimetres 178
    Weight in pounds187
    Weight in kilograms85
    Hair colourBlack
    Eye colour Dark brown
    Relationship statusSingle
    Profession YouTuber, TikTok star, Twitch streamer
    Instagram @elfanum
    YouTubeJustFanum, Fanum Live
    TikTok @elfanum
    Twitch @Fanum
    Profile Summary

    What is Fanum’s age?

    Fanum, the prominent social media influencer, celebrated his 26th birthday in 2023. Born Roberto Gonzalez on 22 August 1997 in New York City, New York, United States, he is a Leo according to his zodiac sign. Fanum is of Dominican descent, specifically Afro-Latino, and holds American nationality. His engaging YouTube content often features his younger brother, creating a dynamic presence on his channel.


    Fanum has made a significant impact as a YouTube personality, Twitch streamer, TikTok star, and social media influencer. His journey to fame began with the creation of his YouTube channel, JustFanum, on 23 May 2017. Over the years, the channel has garnered an impressive following of nearly 1.5 million subscribers. JustFanum’s content primarily revolves around vlogs, storytimes, reaction videos, and engaging challenges that offer insights into his life in New York.


    Beyond his main YouTube channel, Fanum has expanded his online presence with another platform, Fanum Live. Launched on 11 January 2013, this channel showcases highlights from his daily livestreams and reaction videos. The channel has garnered a substantial following, boasting over 1.6 million subscribers. Fanum’s collaborative spirit is evident as he has joined forces with fellow YouTubers such as ShootEveryone, HankDaTank25, and ImDavisss to create engaging and collaborative content.

    Within the realm of YouTube, Fanum collaborates with other content creators as a member of the AMP group. This collective includes Kai Cenat, Duke Dennis, ChrisNxtDoor, and ImDavisss. Together, they produce a variety of competition videos spanning cooking, gaming, bounty hunting, slamball, and dodgeball. Fanum’s social media presence extends beyond YouTube;

    on TikTok, he boasts over 1.2 million followers, while his Instagram account has attracted over 2.1 million followers. Additionally, his Twitter account has nearly 808 thousand followers. On the streaming platform Twitch, Fanum engages with an audience of over 1.7 million followers, focusing on games like Grand Theft Auto V, Just Chatting, and Assetto Corsa. He has also actively participated in various gaming festivals on the platform.

    Who is Fanum dating?

    The content creator is currently not in a relationship and is presumed to be single. However, Fanum was previously romantically involved with YouTuber Kay Linx, a well-known personality on social media.

    How old is Fanum?


    Born on August 22, 1997, Fanum is a 26-year-old content creator renowned for his contributions across various social media platforms. The Bronx, New York native has gained widespread recognition for his engaging content, particularly on YouTube, where he operates the channels “JustFanum” and “Fanum Live.” In these channels, he shares vlogs, storytimes, reaction videos, and challenges, offering glimpses into his life in New York City.

    Beyond YouTube, Fanum is an integral member of the AMP group, collaborating with fellow YouTubers on exciting competition videos spanning cooking, gaming, bounty hunting, slamball, and dodgeball. His digital footprint extends to TikTok, where he has amassed over 1.2 million followers, and Instagram, where he boasts a following of over 2.1 million. On Twitter, Fanum has nearly 808 thousand followers.

    What time does Fanum stream?

    Fanum engages with his audience through streaming on various days of the week. On Mondays, he occasionally conducts streaming sessions lasting 7 hours, typically running from 4 PM to 10 PM PST. Tuesdays see him participating in streams that span 4 hours, often taking place from 7 PM to 10 PM PST. For Thursdays, Fanum frequently extends his streaming activities, with sessions lasting up to 9 hours and occurring between 5 PM and 1 AM PST on the following day. This consistent streaming schedule allows fans to connect with him regularly across different time frames.

    What is Fanum’s Height?

    The YouTube star stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches or 178 centimeters. He is about eighty-five kg, or 187 pounds.

    Who created AMP YouTube?

    AMP, an acronym for “A-M-P,” stands as a collaborative effort among six influential content creators: Kai Cenat, Agent 00, Fanum, Duke Dennis, ImDavisss, and Chrisnxtdoor. This dynamic collective captivates millions of fans on a daily basis, accumulating an impressive total of over 3.5 billion views across their respective YouTube channels. Their outstanding contributions to the digital space were acknowledged when they received the esteemed title of Lifestyle Creators of the Year at the 2023 Streamy Awards.

    What religion is the amp members?

    AMP, short for “Association of Muslim Professionals,” was established by a group of ambitious and visionary individuals with the aim of making a positive impact on the Muslim community through a distinctive forum. The founding members of AMP include: [List of founding members]

    What nationality is the name real?

    Spanish and French (Réal): Derived from the Spanish and Old French word “real,” meaning ‘royal.’ This surname may have originated as a nickname for someone who exhibited regal behavior, as an occupational name for an individual in the service of the king, or as a topographic name for someone residing on land owned by the king.

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