The people of Zamfara State and their development have suffered greatly as a result of insecurity. As the Gold Coast of northwest Nigeria, the state’s residents profited from abundant natural riches as well as other endowments brought on by persistent security issues. 

    Due to this, certain traditional rulers have been deposed, including three first-class emirs and other district leaders, by Mr. Bello Matawalle, the state minister for defence and the former governor of Zamfara.

    Emir Of Dansadau, Alhaji Husaini Umar

    Alhaji Husaini Umar, the dethroned traditional ruler, was imprisoned with his confederates after it was found that he had conspired with local bandits to kidnap individuals and demand a ransom. The dethroned traditional ruler, who is meant to be his people’s protector and guardian, has actually abused his position of authority to encourage and cover criminal activity within the state.

    HRH Husaini Umar
    HRH Atiku ABubakar Muhammad

    Crimes committed in the state include the murder of innocent individuals, particularly farmers and herders; kidnappings for ransom; the exploitation of gold; cattle rustling; and the theft of agricultural products. His Royal Highness Emir Mohammed Aliyu has succeeded Alhaji Husaini Umar, the dethroned traditional ruler or emir of Dansadau.

    Emir Of Zurmi, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar Muhammad 

    Alhaji Atiku Abubakar Muhammad, the dethroned traditional ruler of Zurmi, and his fellow emirs of Dansadau were overthrown by His Excellency Bello Matawalle, the former state governor and current state minister for defence, for their collusion with banditry and ongoing criminal activity.

    HRH Atiku Abubakar
    HRH Atiku Abubakar

    In addition to being the first traditional ruler in the emirate to purchase a car in 1955, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar Muhammad’s father was also credited with being the first in northern Nigeria to construct a guest house fit for the late premier of the region.

    Alhaji Muhammad Sulaiman Bello succeeded the dethroned traditional ruler, former Emir Alhaji Atiku Abubakar Muhammad. He passed away in an Egyptian hospital following his dethronement.

    Emir Of Yandoto, Alhaji Aliyu Garba Marafa 

    The first traditional ruler of Yandoto in Zamfara State was Emir Aliyu Garba Marafa. After Yandoto was granted a first-class emirship, the state’s governor, Bello Matawalle, saw the need to increase the number of emirate councils. As a result, he was appointed Emir of Yandoto. 

    HRH Aliyu Garba Marfa
    HRH Aliyu Garba Marfa

    The victims of banditry in Yandoto endured great suffering, including the loss of their crops, the deaths of families, and kidnappings for ransom, in which the government was powerless to stop the criminals’ gorilla warfare.

    The journalist from the TVC journalist hangout said that the Emir and the bandit commander had come to an understanding to put an end to their illegal actions.

    The head of the bandit group has agreed to cease any illegal activities against the Yandoto people and has pledged to shield the populace from other bandits who may attack both the village and the entire emirate. 

    In the presence of a large crowd that included traditional title holders, police, other security officers, and bandits who had arrived on motorcycles, the traditional ruler, who enjoys the lack of insecurity, the peace that has settled over Yandoto, and the benefits it has for the people’s sanity, bestowed a traditional title on the bandit, naming him Sarkin Fulani.

    The media and residents of Yondota are incensed over the bandit leader’s bestowal of a traditional title. The emir was suspended by His Excellency the Governor of Zamafara State, Mr. Bello Matawalle, for acting in a manner that the government deemed to be illegal. 

    Following all the investigations, it was concluded that Yandoto’s traditional monarch had not colluded with bandits to commit any crimes. It has led the governor to restore him to his position as Yandoto’s emir in 2023.