Deputy Senate President Barau moves to stop ShopRite from shutting down it’s branch in Kano..

    In response to the announcement of Shoprite’s decision to close its only branch in Kano State, the Deputy President of the Senate, Jibrin Barau, is taking proactive steps to engage with the company’s management and potentially reverse this move. The supermarket chain cited a “challenging economic situation” as the reason for its exit from the Centre of Commerce in January.


    Shoprite’s decision has generated mixed reactions, with concerns about the potential economic impact and the loss of a prominent retail player in Kano. The Deputy President of the Senate, through his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Ismail Mudashir, conveyed that a meeting with the company’s management is scheduled to take place this week in Abuja.


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    Shoprite kano
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    Shoprite Kano
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    Shoprite Kano


    While acknowledging that this is fundamentally a business issue, Senator Barau emphasized the strategic significance of Kano as the commercial nerve center of northern Nigeria. In a statement, Mudashir outlined the Deputy President’s approach to the situation, stating, “Yes, it is a pure business issue, but we will see what we can do to encourage them to rescind their decision and stay in Kano. At a time when we are scouting for investors, we will not fold our hands and allow them to leave.”

    The move by Barau reflects a broader effort to retain and attract investors to Kano, tapping into the vast business opportunities that the state offers. By engaging directly with Shoprite‘s management, the Deputy President aims to explore possible solutions that would address the concerns raised by the company and, if feasible, persuade them to maintain their presence in Kano.

    In the larger context, this initiative underscores the significance of nurturing an environment conducive to business growth and ensuring the retention of key economic players. At a time when economic resilience is paramount, the endeavor to retain a major supermarket chain in Kano aligns with overarching strategies aimed at elevating the state’s economic robustness and attractiveness to investors.

    As the discussions progress between Senator Barau and Shoprite’s management, the outcome holds implications beyond the retail sector, potentially influencing the broader business climate in Kano. Senator Barau’s proactive stance reflects a dedication to safeguarding and advancing economic interests. The realization of such efforts could extend positive effects on employment rates, consumer options, and the overall economic vitality of Kano, emphasizing the interconnectedness of individual business decisions with the larger economic landscape.

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