‘Complete siege’ of Gaza is ordered by the Israeli defense minister

    As the Israeli military blasted the Palestinian territories with air strikes on Monday, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant imposed a “complete siege” on the Gaza Strip.

    “We are completely besieging Gaza… Gallant, referring to the enclave that is overpopulated with 2.3 million people, said in a video message, “No electricity, no food, no water, no gas — it’s all closed.


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    When Hamas militants raced across the border on Saturday, they shot civilians in nearby towns and communities before Israeli security forces started retaliating, resulting in at least 700 fatalities in southern Israel.

    Complete siege
    defence minister

    An organization that assisted in the body recovery claims that 250 people were killed by Hamas gunmen during a music event attended by young Israelis and tourists close to Kibbutz Reim, close to Gaza.

    Gallant said in Hebrew, “We are battling beasts and acting accordingly.

    After the Israeli military began airstrikes on the Palestinian enclave in retaliation for the Hamas attack, at least 493 additional persons have died in the Gaza Strip.

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