Current hairstyles expand on existing trends while introducing new lengths, textures, and unique components. Here’s what fashionistas believe your mane needs to stay on trend in 2024.

    The bob in all its glory

    Bangs and bobs

    2023 was unquestionably the year of the bob, and it will continue to be one of the most fashionable alternatives in all of its countless variations. The good news is that there is a haircut to suit every facial shape and hair type. A blunt cut adds volume to fine hair and highlights a strong jaw in this image.

    A touch of sophistication

    Here’s a refined, stylish take on the bob. The length falls just below the mouth, making the neck appear longer. And the central section gives a stylish hint of symmetry.

    The baroque bob

    According to art director Jason Crozier, the “baroque bob” will be the main breakthrough trend for 2024. Because they accept abundant curls, they are ideal for persons with natural curls or longer bob hairstyles as they grow out.

    The microbob

    This shorter form of the bob, as shown on actress Michelle Williams, is also quite popular. The side portion contributes to the cut’s sleek appearance.

    The wavy bob

    The wavy bob will be an apparent mainstay because bobs are everywhere. Because it allows some ladies to accept a more natural texture. It’s a nice, yet more casual look that can frequently be achieved with only little air drying and texturizer.

    Bold bangs on a bob

    The most recent significant bob innovation? Bangs! Architectural, bold, and daring bangs, like shown here, are quite fashionable. They may be incorporated into any cut, even microbobs. They aren’t for everyone, but they may be revitalizing.

    Forever chic with the French bob

    Searches for the French bob have recently increased on social media. While the length used to define the French haircut, hairdresser Luke Hersheson told Vogue that it now has more to do with seeming easy.

    What other options are we seeing these days?

    This year isn’t just about the bob. Other cuts to fit various trends also play a significant role in the year’s hair story. Here’s what more hairdressers and stylists recommend.

    Medium-length hair

    Medium-length hair is simple to care for, quite wearable, and maybe the most adaptable option. It may be sensual and elegant when worn wavy, curled, or straight.

    The ‘long midy’

    This classic look is being revived, as actress Emma Roberts shows here. It is essentially a somewhat layered cut that falls below the shoulders but above the chest.

    Layered cuts aren’t going anywhere

    In hair salons, layers are still the most popular style for a variety of reasons. They are undoubtedly a celebrity favorite, drawing inspiration from classic styles from the 1970s like the shag. Some, like Miley Cyrus, even choose to go with the bicolor trend to highlight the layers.

    The wolf cut

    This 70s and 80s punk rocker look, midway between mullet and shag, is reinvented for the modern era. The wolf cut is ferocious and composed of many layers that are all intended to create volume around the face.

    The long shag

    The shag is a somewhat subdued but nonetheless stylish take on the wolf cut. Even if it’s long here, its length doesn’t define it. Rather, the focus is all on those layers and bangs. For those who don’t care to style or maintain their hair every day, the shag is really a pretty low-maintenance hairstyle.

    Masculine cuts on women

    Gender roles are becoming less and less distinct, and more and more women are opting to cut everything off. There is a suitable option for everyone, ranging from pixie cuts to garçon cuts to shaven heads. Moreover, there is a great deal less hair to dry and style.

    A daring short cut could show one’s strength and individuality. That most certainly applied to Argentine singer Nathy Peluso, who in 2022 shaved off her long hair to get this fashionable style.

    The wet effect

    Are you unsure about how to dress the year’s hottest short cut? From the office to red carpets, the wet look is unquestionably a chic option.


    Hair extensions, whether they are a short-term clip-in or professionally applied, are still a great method to switch up your look much faster than hair grows. In the cosmetics industry this year, more reasonably priced choices that look amazing and suit all budgets are emerging.

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