When manga or anime gets adapted into live-action movies, fans often hold their breath in anticipation. The transition from page to screen can be a tumultuous journey, with many adaptations missing the mark. However, there are exceptions that prove the rule, and one such exception is Alita: Battle Angel. Directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron, this 2019 adaptation managed to win over both viewers and critics. But the burning question on every fan’s mind is, When is Alita 2 coming?

    The first installment merely scratched the surface, covering the first two volumes of the nine-part manga series. Furthermore, “Battle Angel Alita: Other Stories” offers an alternative ending that can be considered. Recent statements from the film team suggest that an Alita sequel is in the works, and here’s what we know so far.

    The Key Players: Robert Rodriguez, James Cameron, and More

    For Alita: Battle Angel 2 to capture the magic of its predecessor, it’s crucial to reunite the creative team responsible for its success. Producer John Landau has hinted that efforts are underway to bring back action legend Robert Rodriguez as the director, but no final commitment has been made yet. Another critical contributor is James Cameron, the visionary behind the manga’s adaptation into a film.

    Cameron, who initially considered directing the film himself, passed the torch to Rodriguez but remained deeply involved in the project. He even wrote the script for Alita: Battle Angel. In a recent interview with Forbes, Cameron revealed some exciting details about the franchise. Currently, he’s working on not just one sequel, but potentially multiple “Alita: Battle Angel” movies.

    A Vast World of Possibilities

    Considering the extensive story of the manga, multiple sequels are not surprising. During the production of the first film, Cameron and his team amassed more than 600 pages of notes. With this rich source material, the possibilities for an exciting second film are boundless.

    The first movie primarily delved into Alita’s early journey, encompassing the first two volumes of the manga. A promising approach for the sequel is to explore Alita’s life as a hunter warrior and her attempts to grapple with the loss of Hugo. Her mysterious past also holds immense potential for further exploration.

    However, looming over everything is the enigmatic Xaelum, the floating city in the sky. What secrets does it hold, and who are its inhabitants? The film teased the concept of brain removal, where some adults have their minds controlled by microchips, under the command of Nova. The extent of this eerie practice in Iron City and its potential role in the sequel is a topic of great intrigue.

    While Nova has been depicted as the primary antagonist, another character seeks vengeance against Alita. Zapan, severely wounded by Alita in the first film, is undoubtedly out for revenge and may receive support from Xaelum. The potential for a clash between Alita and her new nemesis adds another layer of excitement to the story.

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