63rd Independence Anniversary :The FG proclaims Monday, October 2 as a holiday

    The 63rd anniversary of Nigeria’s independence will be celebrated by a national holiday on Monday, October 2, 2023, according to the Federal Government.

    Dr. Oluwatoyin Akinlade is the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior. According to a statement released on Thursday, the federal government’s proclamation was made in Abuja by Minister of the Interior Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo.

    “Dr. Olubunmi reassured Nigerians that the government would continue to work to address the issues affecting the nation.

    63rd Independence Anniversary
    63rd Independence Anniversary

    Today, it is well acknowledged that there are serious socioeconomic and security difficulties all over the world, and Nigeria is not an island.

    However, she claims that the Minister stated that the Government is making daily attempts to address these many and numerous difficulties with all of its resources until relief comes our way.

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    Dr. Tunji-Ojo reaffirmed that if we all work together in unison, we can achieve Nigeria’s preeminent position in the community of nations and the glory that lies ahead for the nation.

    63rd Independence Anniversary
    idependence day

    As well as being Africa’s pride and a light of hope for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR’s renewed hope, he said that “our warm welcoming spirit and love, as well as our unbounded human capital and the richness of our land, make Nigeria unquestionably the leading black Nation in the World.”

    “While wishing the populace a wonderful independence day, the Minister reminded that our founding ancestors joined together for Nigeria’s freedom, which we now take for granted, despite their diversity in language, ethnicity, and religious beliefs.

    “The Minister assured that this Administration will ensure a better Nigeria for all citizens through the Renew Hope Agenda, as a befitting tribute to our heroes past,” the statement continued.

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