Pastor Tunde Bakare, the Serving Overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church, claimed that during the most recent national elections in 2023, he advised Nigerians against the “Emilokan” style of politics.

    During a State of the Nation Broadcast on Sunday at the church in Ikeja, Lagos, with the theme “Vice, Virtue & Time: Three Things That Never Stand Still,” Bakare made this statement.

    The politician and clergyman, who ran in the APC’s 2022 presidential primary, asserted that the results of the 2023 elections demonstrated that Nigerians were fed up with the ruling All Progressives Congress, or APC.

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    Bakare claimed that the ruling party has strayed from the ideals upon which it was built.”At this point, I must also sound a warning to the APC,” he stated. The scope of my engagement in the APC is widely documented because I was present when it was founded.

    “I’m more required to express categorically that this is not the APC we anticipated as a stakeholder and, more significantly, as someone who is working to develop a nation. The outcomes of the most recent elections provided unequivocal evidence of Nigerians’ discontent with the APC’s transformation.

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    According to Bakare, the fact that the APC received fewer votes in the 2023 presidential election than it did in the 2015 and 2019 elections shows that the party’s support base has shrunk.

    “The APC would have easily lost the 2023 elections if it weren’t for the conflicts within the Peoples Democratic Party and the rise of the Obidient movement of the Labour Party, which splintered the PDP’s traditional support base.

    Tunde Bakari
    Pastor Tunde Bakari

    The Independent National Electoral Commission’s declaration of the party’s victory is still being contested in court, he said.Bakare asserts that the APC has changed into a gathering place for politicians “without ideology” who switched from one party to another in an effort to gain control at all costs.

    According to him, “The APC stood for progressivism, which is characterized by significant investments in social sectors like education and healthcare, as well as by achieving inclusiveness and social mobility.”The preacher claimed that this has changed over time as a result of the “anti-people policies” of the government, which he claimed are to blame for the current economic misery that many Nigerians are experiencing.

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